[GLIDERS] Sim Soaring Club - Weekly Group Flights

We are a club of glider pilots.
Join our discord if you are interested in gliding & fancy some group flights Sim Soaring Club


Hello glider pilots,

I would like to invite you to join our Sim Soaring Saturday group flights.
We are a friendly group of people, that like to keep it casual, so no need to be shy.

Our events will happen on the West Europe Server, during EU friendly times.

First flight will take place this Saturday. I hope to see you then :wave:

Join our discord Sim Soaring Club


With gliders now officially in the Sim, i will take this opportunity again to invite you all to join our discord server, specifically dedicated to gliding.

We do group flights every Saturday.
Tomorrow we fly in the Austrian Alps. Join us!


Awesome, hope the group enjoys the new glider content!


Another group flight is set up for Saturday, November 19th.
Join our discord and discover gliding in MSFS with a friendly group of people.

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just adding my +1 for recommending the Sim Soaring Club. It means adding Discord to the extensive list of apps you need to know, but if you haven’t already then SSC is a good reason to do so.

There’s consistently a good turn-out for the SSC-Saturday multi-player soaring flights, with plenty of humor in the voice chat.

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Here y’go, recorded by a group member on the SSC-Saturday task this weekend. We set a ‘task’ as a MSFS flightplan, and we all load the same weather so we’re flying the same air. It’s a friendly crowd:


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200 km/h average. Wow. Never managed that IRL. Maybe it also says something about the MSFS weather, but just maybe :wink:
(But most likely about me as a pilot ;-))
Have fun.

You might find this mod useful for group flights, GitHub - clompsy/msfs_nameplates: Nameplates mods for MSFS 2020

Yeah I think it’s been true for a long time that we sim pilots tend to select gliding weather in the “awesome” category to guarantee a fun flight. We’re handicapped a bit with the rather poor thermal support in MSFS currently so most tasks are set in ridge lift, and MSFS (and all sims, I think) is very generous with ridge lift in mountainous areas where any ridge facing into wind will give lift regardless of what’s immediately upwind. It’ll probably settle down a bit as MSFS gets updated and the skills of the pilots improve but it’s already good fun in multiplayer.

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This is important for group, I think; Both official gliders should have stronger adverse yaw requiring use of rudder for turning

Sim Soaring Saturday - November 26th

Today our group is flying a thermal soaring task in Germany

Join us 17:45 GMT on https://discord.gg/xbzCgruzTt

Server: West Europe

Departure: EDLB - Borkenberge

Destination: EDLB - Borkenberge

Distance: 201 km

Length: 1.5 - 2h

Difficulty: Easy - Medium

//SSC Georg

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Sim Soaring Saturday - December 3, 5:45pm GMT

After a flat land task last week, we are returning to the mountains of South America for a scenic flight around Santiago de Chile.

Join us on https://discord.gg/xbzCgruzTt

Server: West Europe

Departure: SCVH

Destination: SCVH

Distance: 400 km

Length: 1.5 - 2 h

Difficulty: Medium

In-game date/time: December 3, 13:00 (local sim time)

//SSC Georg

Sim Soaring Saturday - December 10, 5:45pm GMT

Join our discord group on a scenic flight in the Southern Alps of New Zealand.

Server: West Europe
Departure: NZGM
Destination: NZGY
Distance: 400 km
Length: ∼2 h
Difficulty: Advanced

// SSC Georg

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I love these Flights! :wink:

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it’s great to see such vibrant activity here !


Hello all!

Since we now post more than one weekly event in the Sim Soaring Club server, here’s this week’s TSC event. We welcome everyone!

Sim Soaring Saturday, January 14th

Join us on Sim Soaring Club for a group flight over beautiful Wyoming, USA.

Event Start: 2023-01-14T17:45:00Z
Server: West Europe
Distance: 320 km
Length: 1.5 - 2h
Difficulty: Medium - Advanced

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What a fab group, just joined Discord and look forward to getting involved!

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