Global AI Ship Traffic V1 for MSFS


first of all thanks for your hard work. This will elevate the MSFS experience a lot. And just as a notion:

You are ready now for release. Ask any sailor on the world and you will know, that there are many ghost ships on the oceans. I think, it is remarkable, that you even made ghost ships availaible.

Ghost ships definitely exists. Sailors are professionals, that work on the seas. And if pofessionals (you can call them experts too) are saying, they have seen them, we should believe them. It is quite arrogant for us flyers, to not belive them.

It is the same, as with rogue waves. Sailors stated, they exist. Science stated for decades, these can`t exist. Now we found out, they in fact do. It is the same with ghost ships for sure.

So, thanks for making a full ship set, that is sooo realistic, to even include a ship category, that so many professional sailors know, exists.

Just my 2 grains of salt.


I am so excited and looking forward to this ! Thank you so much for all the hard work. Will i find the link to the download here ? ( when its ready ABSOLUTELY not rushing you and your great work ).
Also if you are looking for testers I would be happy to help out.
and (last thing i promise) I LOVE the idea of ghost ships !

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Very nice… Thanks a lot !

It is a real ghost ship because despite having several people looking for it and testing the model we never managed to get it back… Sailors also insisted for centuries that there were sea monsters… so we included a bunch of whales, but no Giant Octopuses.


Yes, I will inform here as soon as it is uploaded, but still at least a day or two away. Some thorough Norwegian testers found a few more details to correct.

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Yes, they can actually also be seen on some of the screenshots of the DFDS ships above in the thread - those FSX style wakes disappeared after the previous update. Basically they had the same problem as an attached simple wake would have - they were flat while the water is not flat so they didn’t look very real. For P3D this was also the case at a point when LM introduced the first waves - later that was solved so for now we keep all the wakes in case they return with a solution… the default ships have currently the same type of wake effects, so maybe - but I guess from the rumors that we might have to go for something completely different in the future. Then we will update…


Dying to test this out, it was a real game changer in P3D and much needed in MSFS!

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Is there a discord server or place where we could learn more and be alerted when it comes out?
(not that I’m really looking forward to this! :grinning:)


Looks like I have another style of Flight to get excited about other than Storm Chasing! Now I will be doing some serious Ship Chasing!

So excited about this!


Hello Pilots
Would someone maybe be so kind to tell me his Grafic Settings for such beautifull waves? I have never seen that in my Sim ;-(

You mean like these?

The waves only look like that in very high winds (30+ knots)

Ok, thank you for the tipp I will do that.

A small update… Beta 2 has just been shared with a couple of the beta testers for a last test… tomorrow or Saturday it should be possible to launch.


@hnielsen791 Henrik - I forgot to ask, how does the add-on interact with the Marine Traffic scaling options in the Traffic menu?

Basically all the routes are set to appear at very low setting for ship traffic (5%) as the traffic is unique to different areas utilizing models realistic for each region. The default scaling consists of using the same 10-15 default models and repeat them more an more, so my recommendation is to use a low setting to avoid that repetition and you will not increase traffic from Global AI Ship Traffic by increasing settings. You will at 5% get around 24000 ship movements divided on around 2000 routes and the same at 100%…


As wakes, spray, and smoke will be missing in V1 of the Global AI Ship Traffic, please go to this topic and vote to give it development focus:


5 percent is awesome. Every slider point I can save on environment can go somewhere else.

I was asked to post the request for wakes in another thread, so please go here and put your vote in support… the above thread was closed as it is apparently not considered a bug…


I really would like to see Titanic and/or Olympic between New York and Southampton. Would be some kind of search game, finding them and flying over them. But the characteristic silhouette would be a fun and joy moment…


Wonderfull work, thank you so much. I wonder who builds all these fantastic lookin ships. I so much love to have two ships from the late 50ths. The freighter my Father worked on and the Freighter that supported us in Africa with food. But I guess it will be just a dream