Global AI Ship Traffic V2 for MSFS

EDIT 05-09-2021. A native version Global AI Ship Traffic V2 was uploaded on the 4th September 2021. This new version is done directly for MSFS and removes issues which appeared after SU5.

We have yesterday entered the final beta test and expect to launch an official mod for the Global AI Ship Traffic on the 26th February. Still there are issues e.g. missing wakes, but even with these minor issues this first version will give users realistic shipping all over the globe including everything from region specific fishing boats to aircraft carriers.

A few screenshots from the ongoing beta test


Awesome. Been waiting for this since I followed instructions a while back to jury-rig the FSX version to work in this sim. Where is the link so people may monitor progress please?

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I will report the progress here - for the moment the beta is shared in a closed circuit.


Awesome. I have been waiting for something like this.

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Wonderful, already a big thank you!

This is awesome! How are the LODs? Can you see ships from FL370?

Great news, Henrik.
My favorite add-on for P3D soon for my new favorite sim.
Thank you!

great news, looking good

yes, the big ones… FL370 above Gibraltar…


Thanks for the update. Looking forward to this! :blush:

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Great news!

Can’t wait !!


Looks good. Is this freeware or payware?

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I believe its freeware, like the FSX/P3D versions :slight_smile:

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It will be freeware like previous versions, so please don’t expect too much diversity ;D


Wow, Henrik. That’s great. I’m using your ships since several weeks in MSFS (modded the texture files by myself), but having an officially converted version will be even better. It’s amazing how the niceley modeled and textured ships come to live with the grat lighting engine of MSFS.
Will there be stutters when changing the time in-sim? That’s now the case as the sim obviously reloads the enroute ships (but is it reloaded worldwide or only in a certain radius around the user plane?)

We don’t see any performance related issues in the beta test so far. I run on a quite fast rig and it goes completely smooth and loads very fast, but also none of the beta testers have complained. I do not know how far out it loads the routes. During the tests I have been slewing over wide distances and continued to get the ships appearing.

Of course we also include biodiversity… you will be able to find whales in several locations around the world…


Msfs would be great with ships that are sailable !

Should be possible … with 3rd party harbours instead if airports :+1: