GNS530 mod

Eh, a little marriage counseling and they’ll be fine.


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NICE! Can’t wait!

I’ve created a new topic:


You will have to. The problem is rather a marketing problem than a technical problem now even if I have some little details to finish.

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What’s the marketing issue?

For everybody who doesnt know, there is an entry related to the annoying “U-TURN BUG” in the “Bug&Issues” section of the forum where you can VOTE for:

So, if you havent done yet pls do so now to make our scream louder

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Thanks very much but the moderator will not like that. I think you should remove the reply or at least the link.

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I see that even after the #3 Sim Update, the Asobo GNS530, is still rounding down VOR Distances to an Integer, and then adding a zero after the decimal point. :face_with_monocle:

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Agree about the link. If I hadn’t seen it before, I wouldn’t have been able to donate, or even know that you could. On the Git homepage I would probably have browsed enough to find the download link only. :wink:

I actually had a look on github to find the donate link which usually is at the bottom and a PayPal button. Didn’t expect it to be in the middle of the documentation and a link to some html file which does a forwarding :smiley:
So I also was happy to get that reminder and donated right away.
Great job and makes flying the PA28R so much more fun.

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Would it be possible to tie the GNS530 OBS to the VOR/GS indicator instrument on the left? I am taking the C172 as an exemple

Unfortunately, this is not a GPS issue so I can’t do that. This must be done at aircraft level.
Asobo finally implemented OBS but didn’t finish the work. So there is no way on the aircraft to change the radial except on G1000 equipped aircrafts (the CRS knob is coupled to the OBS ).
Maybe I can add a way in the GPS to set it.

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@ScorpionFilm422, in my experience when you say “maybe” you can do something, it means you already have it mostly figured out in your mind, and you just need to make sure it works in the real world, which it almost always does.

The way of the mind of a genius works, I guess… :wink:



Any thoughts on RNAV approaches ?

RNAV approaches with vertical guidance are working fine. Just be sure to be at the correct altitude at the IAF and autopilot set to approach mode.

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Thank you for your amazing work.
How do I enter a NDB or ADF?

NDB’s and ADF have nothing to go with the GNS530 GPS. (or the GNS530 MOD)

Completely different Avionics.

Try searching the forum for ADF -

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@Angernerve, is this “rule” something new?

We’ve been using this thread to report bugs and/or seek support (from a VERY responsive developer, who I wish some payware companies would learn customer support from) for, heck, I’d say months. And if it is a new thing, when did it happen and what’s the purpose?