PMS50 GNS530 mod

[Mod Edit:] Title edited to clarify this is about the PMS50 GNS530.

For those who love this old GPS I made some major enhancements of the built-in GNS530 GPS. The goal is to offer an instrument that comes as close as possible to the original.

Available at: GNS530 Mod

Main features

  • MSFS U-turn bug workaround
  • North Up / Track up map modes
  • Terrain Map
  • Map cursor
  • TCAS (anti collision system)
  • NEXTRAD weather data
  • Better DirectTo management
  • Weather radar
  • Wind indicator
  • VNAV page
  • Dynamic flight plan distances
  • Flight plan catalog and flight plan import
  • Procedure maps
  • METAR (with decoded option)
  • GNS430 included
  • State saved between sessions
  • Message management
  • Configuration file
  • Startup screen
  • Many graphical enhancements
  • Night/day lighting


GNS530 Mod documentation

Bug reporting

Please report bugs on: Bug reporting

Bugs reported on this forum will likely be lost in the discussion and not addressed.

Before reporting a bug please read these instructions


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Woaw ! Let me try this on the mooney. I am excited!

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I’ll try this out on the group flight later.

@ScorpionFilm422 Well done! :+1:t2:

There is still more things to do with this GNS530 but for me now it’s usable.

Opened to any feedback.

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I tried the direct to an approach waypoint and it doesn’t work for me

it doesnt seem to work for me on the mooney… is there a quick way to know if the mod is correctly loaded?

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Any chance you could host this on Github, like some other modders have done? You can then run a "git clone " for the initial download, and “git pull” to get any updates you may release.


That sounds very good !!! downloading and testing it right now !!


I will test this out in the Mooney, the 530 was the weak link in the Mooney. Strong Work!


Looks great! I’ve added it to the community aircraft mods megathread, not sure if you have a github or other location for the most up to date version but otherwise I’ll try and check to see when it’s been updated so I can update the megathread. Awesome work, thank you!

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To see if it is installed you can have have a look on the nearest airport list: there is a line separating each airport.
Maybe you have some other mods installed that should break mine ?
If you have the working Title G1000 mod also installed and not updated to the last version, it may break my mod.

It may conflict with some other mods changing standard navsystes files.

Please let me know if you have a conflict with some other plugins. I will check.

Yah, I pulled the question because I had the Mooney in mind and it’s not in the community folder.

I can github it. I will post a reply to this post when ready.

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Yes there is a chance. I will do it.

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I do have the G1000 mod installed . I will remove it tonight and try it again.

Which version of G1000 mod ?
It must be the last version. I also have it and it works with my mod.

G1000 0.3.0 i do i have the last one I believe

No last one is 0.3.1 and they especially made a modification in order to avoid conflicts with thid party mods in this last update.

see Release: Working Title G1000 v0.3 ( compatible) - updated to v0.3.1 on 5 Oct!

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Sorry dude I will try it then