GNS530 questions

Without the mod, the stock GNS is not really that great. With the mod, you can literally use the real unit’s manual. It’s been painstakingly crafted to recreate the functionality of the real thing. Download the real units user manual and you’re good to go.

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  1. The best place to ask these questions would be GNS530 mod

I have no advice for you. I just wanted to thank you for the subtle Jim Steinman reference in the first paragraph. :sunglasses:

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Thanks to all of you. I now have the manual, I also have the Garmin Trainer ( the Flight 1 GTN 750 runs from it) and I plan on a flight or two this weekend to explore the possibilities. I thought there was a big 530 thread somewhere, but for whatever reason, the initial search didn’t show it. Thanks for the pointer. I have found that the 530 should enable 31 waypoints, but I seem to stall at around 8 waypoints in a flightplan. There must be a page down function or somesuch somewhere amd I will find it hopefully soon.

While I am here, I can’t help but wonder why an option to input via the keyboard isn’t used more widely. The F1 G1000 has used it for a decade or so and it does make a big difference in terms of usability. Maybe even a mod to run a 530 on another monitor is an eventual possibility.

Again, thanks to all.

@EvidencePlz linked it for you 2 posts up from your last.


Thanks once again to all. After a few shakedown flights, everything is sorted, well, almost everything. However I did make a discovery which led to my initial problems, but of which I have only become aware, which is that at the bottom portion of the monitor, there is a section that seems to not register key presses from the mouse on any function at that level. This is of course just where thos 530 rotaries sit, when in normal cockpit view and it was this that led to the problem with FP input, whereas the initial inputting was done from a square on, full face position. I am really excited by the possibilities of manipulating the GPS via Streamdeck, but I just need another lockdown to devote sufficient time and concentration to it.

The 530 seems quite useful with the mod and although no GTN750, it is a cracking unit to use.

There is a 530 Trainer, too…

GTN750 is so much better than the 530. I think the 750 is even easier to use than the G1000. Actually anything is easier to use than the G1000 IMO. Hopefully someone will release a version for FS for the older planes.

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That’s not possible as far as I know. The panel is built into the 3D model of the plane, so, to change the GPS and the knobs/buttons, you’d need access to the original model, and export it. The days of 2D gauges you can draw on the fly and thereby rearrange a panel are long gone.

So, to integrate a new GPS would require integration between the gauge supplier (like RXP) and the modelers to release new versions of the planes. (not to mention the other issues that things like the XBox sandbox cause for integrating outside programs with MSFS. Hopefully that will be adjusted someday)

Or better still, a self contained version that could ( like my existing GTN from Flight 1) run as a standalone, or to run out onto a second monitor. Now that, I would love dearly and get better return on investment at the same time

That could work, it just wouldn’t show up in the cockpit.

I spent a little bit of time on that myself, for a different purpose. I’m hoping to add a wing leveler or 2 or 3 axis AP to the ATSimulations P149. That’s a tough plane to fly for long distances because it wants to turn to the left all the time, and rudder trim can’t be used to take that out. So you have to hand fly it all the time. It’s one thing trying to trim it for altitude. But when you have to keep your hand on the stick all the time, it makes elevator trimming even harder because of the natural tendency to pull on the stick, too. I think it’s the torque of the 270 HP engine making the plane want to roll. I wouldn’t mind having to use keyboard commands to run it.

On a 3 hour flight, it makes it hard. I just finished a cross-country across the US flight in the plane (in 2 to 3 hour hops).

I suspect that you will love the SF260 when it comes out. I know I will…

SF260 is another plane that I put the GTN750 in, (along with the King Air and Citation) all in XP11. If it won’t go in the panel, I wouldn’t be interested. What’s up with Asobo? Why would they prohibit vendors from improving the options for their customers? They will only profit from it.

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Well I just finished reading the entire thread from RXP about his GTN750 and the reasons it’s not possible. Very sad situation. It just keeps reinforcing my opinion of Asobo. They have little understanding or interest in serious simmers. To them it’s a game, not a serious tool for flight training. It’s just not their world. IMO.

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@SkySteve53 Do you mean this discussion?

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What I keep reading on the subject of add ons, is that Asobo never designed the sim for 3rd party companies to control every aspect of the aircraft systems and control. They mention numerous times how X Plane, the previous FS products and P3D don’t have those roadblocks. I’ve read this from other vendors right from the start. There are strict limitations on how much outside developers can provide and that is not in our best interests. Unless that changes, we will never have the planes or add-ons we were hoping for. I hope Asobo realizes and makes changes to this so companies like RXP can provide the extra’s that made the other sims so satisfying. Let’s hope so.

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This is probably one of the comment you’re referring to:

Well that is what I’ve been hearing yes. But I assumed FS/P3D also had a much more liberal SDK for developers to control whatever they needed to, (like swapping out avionics). Most of the complaints I’ve been hearing are from P3D vendors as they need the FS market to stay in business. Time will tell. If the new Aerosoft CRJ is up to the standards of the best study level planes we are used to, and doesn’t have poor frame rates, the future will look brighter.

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