"GoFlight Products Now Compatible with FS 2020" - Really? - YES, kind of

have you got gf45 working yet.
i have 2x gf45. one as transponder and other as altimeter qnh. both work fine in fs2020
make sure gf45 is on powered hub or direct into pc usb port.
follow the blank saitek display instructions on YouTube.
also in device manager look for USB controllers and turn off power management for them too.
as mentioned prev all my panels except efis work in fs2020.
4xgf166, mcppro, 2xt8,1xp8,wcp,rp48,lgt,2xgf45,mesm.

Yep, edited again the registry and all panels are working now. GF-45, GF-P8, GF-RP48 and GF-46. Don’t you use gf-45 prev and next for several functions or is that covered by other panels?

I have 2x gf45 set to 1 function each as mentioned.
i have rp48 and mcp Pro for other functions.
glad you got yours working now.
note that if you unplug a device and plug it into another USB port you will need to re-edit the registry entry for that device.
heres a pic of my setup.

note the brown labels on the T8 panels. if your interested they are ‘magnetic paper’ overlays. I have different assignments for different aircraft so I can swop to the required overlay. you create the overlays in ms word. avail on ebay.
then just print them out on your home printer.

Great setup! I also use magnetic tape with an overlay paper I made in excel to switch between different settings

If anyone has invested in Spad.next already, its a good start. I have managed to get the EFIS and some of the MCP-Pro working with WU7 and FlyByWire A32NX … but as they keep constantly improving its becoming a pain to constantly update things that break. I’ll buy the software and upload to the profile collection if anyone is interested.

I’m interested in this.
all my panels work with goflight config except EFIS
if you have got EFIS working with spad I’d buy it.
have you got profiles for efis and mcp Pro both working fully? I’d love to have copy of your profiles. can you have spad for efis and mcp but still use goflight config for the other panels?

Yup, let me write it up … I’m using demo version but will buy it as EFIS now works for me. Can’t export profiles unless I buy it … but I maybe able to document it. Last qustion: yes, I believe so, but I only have EFIS and MC-Pro only so can’t guarantee -there is a switch somewhere in Spad.Next that allows you to disable its support for specific panels I think. Gimme a few days, I can’t play with FS2020 everyday :frowning:

thanks. ill dload the demo and see how it works.
hope your able to show efis and mcppro profiles for me.

I´m also interested in this. I am working with MCP Pro and EFIS. And the MCP Pro works only partially.
Some LEDs work, some don’t.
And the EFIS not at all.
Thanks in advance

Finally bought SPAD.neXt rather than Polly Pot’s GIT. I’m awaiting news on how to get an Authkey as I cannot publish the profile or snippets without one it seems. Until then you can download here.

Full EFIS working … text below is how I configure it (saves you having to read the profile XML!). Let me know if it works for you. MCP-Pro next project. :slight_smile:

FlyByWire Simulations A32NX / Dev version
GoFlight EFIS
Captain’s side only
10 Feb 2022 - Spad.neXt v0.9.11.5
Captain Smollett 336 - Captain Smollett - YouTube
CaptainSmollet#8081- Discord
CaptainSmollet#808 - SPAD.neXt
Cpt Smollett#336 - FS2020

Top left to bottom right:
• Left gray rotary sets inHg barometric pressure valuesin increments of 0.01 inHg (works when barometric reading is inHG or hPa (i.e. works in both)). See MTRS button below. See TERR button below (toggles between STD and QNH barometric reading).
• Right gray rotary sets hPa barometric pressure values in increments of 1 hPa (works when barometric reading is inHG or hPa(i.e works in both)). See MTRS button below.
• The push function of the above two rotaries is not recognised by SPAD.neXt, but you can use FSUIPC v7 to programme this if you wish and/or have a copy installed).
• FPV button sets TRK/FPA function on the FCU
• MTRS button toggles barometric reading between inHG to hPa
• Left black rotary sets ND display mode (LS/VOR/ARC/PLAN)
• WXR button sets ND display mode to NAV (as its not available as an option on the left black rotary)
• Right black rotary sets ND display range (ignores the 640 mile range option)
• VOR & ADF switches work
• STA button sets CSTR display in ND
• WPT button sets WPT display in ND
• ARPT button sets ARPT display in ND
• DATA button sets VOR display in ND
• POS button sets NDB display in ND
• TERR button toggles STD and QNH barometric reading setting - short press for QNH (push), long press for STD (pull).

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EFIS only profile now available in the SPAD.neXt online profiles library. MCP-Pro next.

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thanks for all the info.
ill buy spad now.

I’d recommend you test it first in the 14 day trial version. I’m sold on SPAD.neXt, but don’t take my word for it! :slight_smile:

Good idea.
are you able to upload your efis and mcppro profiles to the spad site so I can use them and save programming time??
then I could test before coughing up the money.

Yup, either see link above (the OneDrive link) or find the EFIS-only one in the SPAD.neXt online profiles library. It has EFIS only. I’m working on MCP-Pro at the moment … wheh done, I’ll publish MCP-Pro only and one with both combined. There are other MCP-Pro profiles from others but I didn’t like the key assignments in those. There is one on sv.flightsim.to too, again, with weird key assingments. I’m working on one that maps the B737 buttons/rotaries to their A32NX counterparts … without cluttering the MCP-Pro with some oddities such as parking brakes and other things as in the other profiles mentione above. Feedback welcome … enjoy.

hows the mcppro for spad coming along.
ive got the free trial period now so. looking for your EFIS profile.
looks like ill have to get the 2020 spad and pay extra for the xplane spad addon.

You might find this profile helpful which includes the goflight EFIS and MCPPro for the FBW A320…

This might be what was referred to in a previous post as ‘weird’ mappings but I would guess that the full package was not looked at in detail. The package includes templates that can be printed and overlayed on the goflight panels, effectively relabelling each control bringing the devices far closer to the physical layout and functionality of controls for the A320 than could ever be achieved by profile mapping alone.

In particular, the Boeing MCP and Airbus FCU are completely different devices with different concepts of flight management and so whilst some controls can be mapped 1-to-1, many cannot. Those that can be mapped are often physically placed in a very different location making it still feel like you are flying Boeing rather than Airbus.

Like many, I started out simply mapping controls from one to the other but when it came to actually using it for flights it became confusing as it just wasn’t close to using the A320 FCU, hence why I created this package. It was the next logical evolution.

I’ve been using this setup for a few weeks now on many flights and it is now 2nd nature to use and is pretty close to the A320 devices, at least as close as I feel it is possible to get with transforming the two Boeing style devices. Plus I added some other useful functionality that is on the A320 glareshield/MIP to save reaching for the mouse :slight_smile:

I notice the GoFlight site is still closed. I was under the impression the US has re-opened and wasn’t in lock down from COVID-19. I wonder if the previous shut downs have impacted GoFlight’s ability to re-open. I for one would like to see their take on the new MSFS application, particularly as I own some of their gear.

Hi to all,
I’d like to thank you all for this interesting topic. With your help I pulled out of the box my old goflight panels…a Gf45, Gf46 and a Gf166.
Following your guidelines I was able to get them work correctly with all the functions that interested me:
Gf45 → Autopilot
Gf46-> XPDR, ADF, Altimeter, OBS1&2 and HADF, Brightness
Gf166-> Radio Com1&2, Nav 1&2

Here a sample of my config:

I’d like to resume my steps to leave a simple help for how come next for a support.

1-I’ve bought an internal usb hub 3.0, compatible with usb 1.1/2 standard (on the famous marketplace). I tink an external powered hub could solve the problem but i didn’t tried it.

2-I’ve installed an old copy of FSX. Not needed to launch it, I’ve erased all the unneeded files into the fsx directory (Aircraft, scenery and other big stuff) after the installation.

3-I’ve installed GFConfig directly from Goflight Site and launched it. FSx was automatically recognized.

4-I’ve plugged in all the panels directly into the hub and configured them as i needed (as described above) into the goflight app.

5-With GFconfig opened I’ve started MSFS and launched the flight.

6-when into the aircraft I’ve launched the bridge from MSFS (FSX) and GoFlight panels. The file to launch is: “GFDevFSX.exe”. You can find it into the GoFlight install directory.

7-Enjoy…all my panels came back to life. All functions active, all displays working. Only issues are the leds on gf166, but it’s a minor issue and Com/Nav frequency are well recognizable from “C” and “N” letters.

8-I usually keep GFConfig running in background to mantain the display on. If yuo need to reconfigure my panels i usually kill gfbridge into the taskmanager, modify functions in GFconfig and relaunch “GFDevFSX.exe”.

Hope this little guide could help someone else.
Best regards


GIT software is complex and solely related to GF products.
Better is Spad.Next. This is wonderful software which originaly suported Saitek products but is now also applicable to GF systems. Easy to program with MSFS, Siumconnect and LVAR commands with the LEDs working! Moreiover it is cheeper.

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