Got to say it, I'm angry

I really really waited on commenting about this but right now I’m just very angry and trying really hard not to use offensive words. I’m going to try to make it constructive.

I understand it has just been released, but putting things into perspective, I paid for the Premium to get incomplete aircraft and a bag full of bugs. I can’t comment on how the Alpha worked but I was confident when I was getting the retail version that I was going to have a great experience.

Right now:

• It’s been 7 days since I filed tickets with Zendesk with no reply at all. 7 days! And these were not only bug reports I actually needed support involved.
• My performance was so bad the sim was unplayable, since Zendesk didn’t help I had to resort to the community which thankfully found a solution with a complicated workaround involving giving background tasks cpu priority and giving flightsimulator.exe low priority. How is this a finished product?
• Let’s say we cut them some slack regarding the initial bugs, I just read what the 27th patch contains and it’s mostly installation and some airliner performance concerns. Really? The program is CPU hog and they haven’t even acknowledged it. Something is wrong with how it uses its resources.
• The Baron 58 has no AP Altitude knob, no EGT, Mixture position is irrelevant. The Longitude has only one tank…etc etc. There are really OBVIOUS things that should have never slipped through Microsoft’s fingers.
• Installing it has been a nightmare for a lot of people lucky for me it was just a “bad dream”. But still had to seek support for it to install. (I know this one is being addressed)
• It is not about having study level aircraft it is about having default aircraft with the basics to operate them like a SIM.

All that being said I think this is a great platform but if I don’t get an answer I will try to seek at least refund and maybe use gamepass for now to see how it goes. Maybe get just standard.

I’m worried they are waiting for the community to save the sim. Can you imagine how many customers Microsoft has lost because they got tired of bugs, or couldn’t even play the game?

All of this rushing the sim out has given me the impression that Microsoft really twisted Asobo’s hand into releasing early.

I love the sim, it’s got amazing potential, it feels good, the community is amazing, asobo put a lot of love on it but please Microsoft give your customers the support they paid for, and finish your products before releasing!

Now there’s only hope that they’ll not only keep adding content to a sim that has flaws but fix them and actually read the forums and soak on everything they see here.

This really puts the tall tree discussions into perspective!

Hope I don’t upset anyone, thanks for reading.


I totally agree. A sim that is released on day one by Microsoft should at least have airplanes with all necessary buttons and knobs working.


I hope your troubleshooting issues are solved in the patch or soon so you can get some enjoyment time out of it.

I don’t think the refunds are as bad as people think, all triple A games release with terrible views for the first week, some refunds then it all levels out and it starts to climb again. The aircraft state has been meticulously documented in videos for over a month, i found no surprises with the planes themselves how they performed and what the instruments were like inside (inops etc) as youtubers have already shown the state of the planes in many videos.

For me they need to fix the performance/installation/ctd issues (I’m not having them but others are) so people who paid £60 can enjoy what they paid for, lets hope for good news in the patch :).


I’m sorry for all of the issues you’re having. Hopefully the experience will improve for you (I think it will). In general though, it’s always a good idea to wait a bit for PC releases. There are often many bugs and issues when games are first released. Even on console games. The kinks and issues will get worked out, it just may take time. My suggestion is to just wait. You can refund if you want (do that sooner rather than later), but you also could just wait. Let the game sit, and then come back after a while. It will still be there, and hopefully working better for you.


where do you have found this info? I’m still searching but nothing…

Me too!


Where did you read this…? As far as I’m aware there is no patch today.

Last I checked the influx is 1300 new Zendesk tickets a day, so I wouldn’t have any expectation of them being addressed individually. Probably will be accumulated on the aggregate.

The business side of things ultimately decides when a release happens. I’d find it hard to imagine that they weren’t aware of existing issues or the state of the application on the release date. But sometimes you make decisions weighing pros and cons and knowing that there will be indeed be cons. Obviously we’re not privy to what that decision making process was, and it serves no purpose to speculate.

With regard to priorities I’m sure that the first round of patch work done will be focused on hard crashes, people that can’t download launch the game, etc. That’s understandable as that’s a show-stopper. If it were me I’d be prioritizing that above all else, as an all-hands-on-deck initiative.

We’ll just have to see where it goes from there.

I think a lot of people, myself included, are disappointed in how the release came out. But enjoy what you can, and if you think you’re legitimately angry about it - step away and do something else for a bit.


@ Kpeterscr Just wanted to say thank you for being polite despite the anger and frustration we all feel. Its good that some of us can control what we type.

I agree with most of what you say. It was released prematurely, but I have faith the issues will be fixed. Having said this, I’m lucky. I have very few issues so I actually get to fly. Others are not able to so I get they are angry given the cost and lack of apology from Microsoft. And I blame MS, not Asobo for this. Its a publishing issue.


It’s in the news and announcements section.

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That I understand, the inops and all. But things as basic as not having enough fuel because you lack a tank or not having a knob to set AP altitude it’s just crazy… They are basic systems. 3rd party developers will come and develop full on study levels but in the meantime I intended to fly the defaults.

And I actually like most of them flaws and all. It’s just rushed and with poor Q.C.

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thank you, I completely missed it

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Which plane doesn’t have AP altitude? I’ll avoid that 1 :smiley:

Hope Zendesk is just a platform and not a service provider because I put in a ticket through zendesk for a game from a completely different company and it’s been almost a month and no reply!

Kind of miss the times when you could just get on the phone with someone even if it was frustrating it was less frustrating than this.

The Baron :frowning:

You need to use VS until you get to the desired ALT then press ALT. No knob to set it.


That worked for me :o you mean AP vertical speed and altitude hold?

I mean there is no physical know where you can set the altitude to.

You should be able to turn the knob to the set alt and then uns VS when the plane gets there it levels out.

Unless I’m clueless or it’s just a problem I have on my copy of FS. I did see someone else complain about it.

I’ll double check when back from shopping and report back :slight_smile:

Have you a link i cant find it?!

The patch isn’t today. They are just going to announce when it will be.

I’m with you all the way.
Today the Community Lead posted a response to one of my posts and then immediately closed the post, leaving several issues unanswered.
They’ve got two priorities. First to fix the product, including bugs that have been reported for more than5 months and second, communicate better with their community.