Got to say it, I'm angry

That worked for me :o you mean AP vertical speed and altitude hold?

I mean there is no physical know where you can set the altitude to.

You should be able to turn the knob to the set alt and then uns VS when the plane gets there it levels out.

Unless I’m clueless or it’s just a problem I have on my copy of FS. I did see someone else complain about it.

I’ll double check when back from shopping and report back :slight_smile:

Have you a link i cant find it?!

The patch isn’t today. They are just going to announce when it will be.

I’m with you all the way.
Today the Community Lead posted a response to one of my posts and then immediately closed the post, leaving several issues unanswered.
They’ve got two priorities. First to fix the product, including bugs that have been reported for more than5 months and second, communicate better with their community.


I totally agree as well. Even just some nice polish would’ve been nice. Surely a seat belt chime isn’t that hard to code!
Imagine if you bought a new premium deluxe car, like a Mercedes type thing, and the knobs to the radio did nothing at all. Is that acceptable? Do you just cross your fingers and hope the dealer fixes it during a future service?

Great to know.

My point! You wouldn’t even let that pass on a cheap new car. Or any new product you purchase.

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Thanks for a post that shows frustration without hate and spite. I’ve had issues with MSFS myself, but I’m an old guy, so my patience is probably more tuned than others. Here are some of my thoughts about the release…

  • There is a lot of bitterness about MSFS vs all older simulators. I think this is somewhat like a Ford vs Chevy thing. If you like an older simulator, then you’re a hater stuck in the past. If you like MSFS, then you’re a gamer trapped by the ‘eye candy’. Well there are pros and cons with each. I just wish people would put all of this in perspective - after all, we’re not saving babies here.

  • Yes, we’re all alpha testers working with a product that has ‘undocumented features’. As flawed as it is, I believe it’s a great foundation from which to work and improve. Google ‘games with bad launches’ and you’ll see a lot of very popular titles there. If you don’t want to be an alpha tester, get a refund and wait - nobody will hate you for it.

So yeah, we’re all in this together. Hopefully in a few months this will all be a distant memory and we’ll be spending more time in the skies than in forums.


I understand your point, but I have a different perspective. If I bought a Mercedes that had those problems, would I tell them to keep it until they could provide a PERFECT car? One with absolutely no issues whatsoever? No, because that will never happen, and I want the joy of driving a Mercedes with the knowledge that I’ll take it in later at some point to get the radio fixed. But I have to accept the possibility that they’ll never actually fix the radio.

Also, whether you purchase the Mercedes today or six months from now, you’ll be paying the same amount, but the difference is if you buy it today you get to experience the positives now. But to continue the metaphor, if you can’t even get the car to start, or it stalls at every intersection, then I agree completely.

Happy and having a blast here with the sim as is! Hoping the patch will fix some things but xplane is collecting dust at the moment and can’t see myself going back to it.


I think that is the big sticking point, a lot of us if we bought a Mercedes would expect things to work properly and if they didn’t we would take it back until they were made right. I’m not saying I want a perfect new car, I just want a car that works like I expect, with knobs and buttons working properly. I don’t want to have to wait a week or a month for the clock and radio to work, it should be working when I buy the car, its what we expect from a name brand like Mercedes or Lexus

Aye, I’ve said this a few times. We’re not whinging about not having study level aircraft in the base package, it’s that the base package doesn’t work properly.


The gaming industry has gotten so bad with releasing problematic products, I usually wait at least a year!

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I’m in the latter situation, constant crashing to desktop. in the last couple of days i have not managed to complete a flight most of the time I’m lucky if i can actually get off the ground. When it does run i get reasonable FPS 25 to 35 and higher sometimes but the constant CTD’s are driving me insane.

Submitting a ticket on zendesk has only so far got me an automated response with a long list of thing to try before they will even look at the issue. Also looking at all the different Known bug lists i have seen they are more pointed towards downloading issues no mention of the CTD’s that i have seen on the forums and Facebook.

That’s the sad truth. Back in the day it was a big deal if a game came out with bugs and issues. Now it’s so common place that day 1 patches are almost standard. I know games are getting more and more complex with more moving parts, but still, it’s become the norm.

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That’s a list of known issues, not te release notes for the patch

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I did not mention patch notes.

This has been downright fabulous compared to the initial seven days of FSX. Or even the initial seven months. It really wasn’t until “Acceleration Pack” was released that FSX was reliable enough to “fly” for hours cross country without freezing or (computer) crashing.

So far I’ve had a good experience. And… the aircraft models shipped with this software are lightyears ahead of the “stock” aircraft supplied with FSX. All-in-all, they’ve done a good job, and it should only get better.