Graphic card for VR

Hi All, Just decide to splash out & get the Reverb G2. My graphic card is the GTX 1660 so you can imagine the performance …not too bad but a little jerky.
I am thinking of purchasing the GTX 2060 super… more money!!.
Need advice such as will the 2060 just slot into the Pci slot on the MB or is there going to be a compatibility issue here??.
Before I spend more money I need to know it will fit!!.
This 2060 should run (I am given to understand) at full resolution in VR.
Any advice most welcome.


Ideally you’re going to want at least a 1080 or an equivalent (minimum), a 2080 Ti or an equivalent is recommended. The 2060 is about on par with the 1070 (maybe a little better). It’s probably closer to the 1070 Ti.


Hi Maki152,
Thanks for the fast reply… 2080Ti recommended, ok but will it slot into the connector on my MB?

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Most if not all modern motherboards will have one or two PICe x16 bus slots. As far as fitting on the motherboard it should be fine. What is more of a concern is if the card will physically fit in your case and if you have a PSU that will give it enough power to run. Otherwise graphics cards are generally plug n play. Just remove the 1660 and pop in the 2060.

2060 should be fine for VR, it’s a step up from a 1660 for sure. You don’t need to spend the extra on a 2080 because god knows how much more that would cost. I run an AMD 5500 XT OC which i’ve heard is about the same to a 1660 (i like to think it’s a bit more robust than that) and it runs pretty much everything that may require VR

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It’ll slot in ok. With your G2 just don’t expect miracles in terms of performance. I’ve got a 3080 and it struggles.


Hi portalearth420.
Thanks for info, yes these video cards are getting bigger for sure, will have to do some size comparisons I guess…its a lot of cash however but when I think of what i have spent since the first days of FS Ha Ha.
As long as the 2060 will fit I should be good to go from your welcome comments.
Best Regards,


you’re welcome!

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Thanks for that, some fine tuning will be required!.

Your biggest issue is case size.
No way a 2060 made for an ATX case gonna fit in an ATX Mini case.

Determine what MB you have. match your GPU purchase to the same formfactor and you will be fine.

The second issue is to make sure you have a Power Supply that can handle the upgrade. Anything less than a quality 600 watt PSU will likely cause you headaches.

Corsair makes a sweet 1000 watt PSU that will not break the bank and you won’t have to worry.

Thanks for getting in touch, yes I will have to check if it will fit the case !!.
Thanks for the advice.
I referred to the card as GTX, its actually RTX 2060 is that makes any difference.
Cheers & thanks again

I have the RTX 2060 Super. Love it. Haven’t tried with VR yet but will be, after Xmas. :wink:

30 series for g2… its a 4k headset. 3080TI OC is a great card for vr and g2. Smooth as butter. Don’t expect good fps with old gen cards. Vr is all about gpu.

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I have a 3080 and a G2 and I’m not that happy with performance, so go figure… buy the fastest you can posibly afford! I’m thinking the 40XX series will finally push the G2 solidly above 45 FPS.


I would suggest looking into the new version of OpenXR and start using motion reprojection. Apparently it’s actually good now;

Hi RayK1t,
Thanks for the reply & ok on the 380 which is beyond my spending limit as a pensioner!.
have settled & ordered the Palit RTX 3060 card for better or worse!!, my PSU is Gmax GM800 800Watt so should power the card ok from what I can see on the card spec.
Will see how it goes.

Thanks again & cheers,


I have the 3060 (but not VR), it’s a good card but if you can find a 3060ti for similar money it has considerably more bandwidth which would be especially beneficial when delivering two outputs (left and right eye).

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It’s all in the settings

Cooler Master Masterbox NR200.
Mini ITX with a Radeon 6800XT MBE in it. No issues whatsoever.

It will only a waste.

Either you at least for a rtx3070 or you will be remain disapointed.

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