Graphic step back, I'm done

I’m done honestly, I imagine that nobody care but I believe it is worth to say Microsoft what I think about their crazy commercial strategy. Flown over London today with the standard A320 (cause the MOD has some issues) and I didn’t find a photorealistic city but a cartoon…colours are completely messed up, continuous popup of the city unless you are exactly on the top. Graphic very poor.
I’m done, this is not a fair way to keep your paying customers happy. I was happy with the graphic till SU5, some well know problems (LOD as an example on big US cities), but anyway quite happy. fps never been a significant issue with me.

Now I simply lost interest in the game. Bye
OMEN 30L Desktop - GT13-0024nl

Never thought that somebody would have ever thought to kill the experience of their best customers that spent a lot of money for a powerful Pc and for the MODs on the marketplace.


Exactly spent a lot upgrading my PC so I could run this game and these updates are a total disaster once again .Does Microsoft really care at all ???


No, neither Microsoft nor other people on the forum that having low Pc spec now are happy…I read one guy does not even want ASOBO implement a slider for higher graphic settings…


just think back a year ago when they showed the recommended settings and people was saying you needed a beast of a rig, now you need a potato and a xbox,


Seems to me the guys who don’t notice a difference were probably not running high or ultra settings so now they have this update they can bump the visuals.
Imo it did look better before.LOD and Airport quality was certainly better pre Su5.


Pff I think they downgraded the visuals a bit for the Xbox version to run good….🥲


I’m not seeing that. What I do see is that you have to increase some of the settings to get back to where you were before. Go ahead and try, it won’t hurt anything


It’s OK to downgrade the visuals for XBOX or even PC. Just give us sliders to make the choice to get the visuals back up to where they were just a few days ago. I invested a lot into a new PC just to get better visuals and, in just a few days, they are much worse.


Make a chance, give a vote:


Thanks for your hint. But unfortunately, its really a downgrade that dissappoints many of us.


My cities look fantastic. Nothing like you posted. i8700/GTX1080/32meg Ram.

I flew around Boston and Chicago this morning and I was salivating at how fantastic everything looks.


I am glad that I am not the only person experiencing frustration with this newest download. As soon as I arrived in the cockpit of the A320 every control, knob and switch pointed to with the mouse created a pop up tab that described what I already knew. There is no option available to remove this very annoying addition. Please Microsoft do not inhibit our realistic piloting at the expense of the XBox fraternity.


Exactly true true

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What did you did then???

There is. Go to accessibility settings and change the appropriate options.


Crank some of the sliders that are mid range up some.

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Wich sliders did you bring up

Basically everyone has set their settings to Ultra because the benchmark is so low. The graphics are terrible now and nothing like the sim that was released a year ago.


Time to get away from the screen for awhile. Having too much fun.
Now to crank up the lawn mower and after that, a trip to wendy’s for a baconator. :slight_smile: