Graphics on Xbox su15 drastically deteriorated

I noticed that I m not the only one who has noticed the decrease in textures on Xbox so I decided to open a new topic. I don’t know what msfs/Asobo did but it was definitely done wrong, to simply think to go and aggressively decrease the graphics part thinking that users from Xbox would be happy about it is absurd. It was said that we could temporarily notice low texture areas to decrease crashes etc. only it is not temporary at all, everything around turns out terrible graphics, taxi ways are not visible, signs, vehicles around the airport look like they are floating and textures are completely ruined. All of this at least for me stands to say don’t buy any more scenery/airport from the marketplace because if the environment around turns out to be of the same graphics as xplane then it is not worth it. And you can’t even say that the crashes have decreased, so this move hasn’t brought anything good but rather only made things worse. For me it results in more crashes than ever, black screens, stutter and now plus I don’t even have the graphics part…I hope something can be done as fast as possible. If not, all hopes go to msfs2024 where I think before I buy it I will give it a try by taking the game pass…very disappointed.


Please can everyone state their ongoing frustrations at this new memory implementation that’s clearly and undeniably destroyed the visual aspect of this game.

We really need them to fix this disastrous patch and implement a new structure around conserving memory on the Xbox. Whether that’s rolling back to the earlier build or stating that only a certain amount of addons can be installed at any one time or implementing a build that allows the user to choose between visual or performance.

If this is not archived then the sim is left ruined and I would like to seek a way to get some money back from what I’ve spent as this sim has been left in an unsatisfactory way and in my eyes is no fun and unstable.


Make this topic a ‘wishlist’ so we can vote!


I’m afraid they’ll delete my post since I’ve already created this one, but I’ll give it a try

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Just delete this topic and create a new one! :+1:

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Does anyone know why they’ve closed the thread on the wish list forum?

A new fs2024 based memory management system …


Totally in agreement of what you are saying. I can remember when it was released and being in awe with the graphics, it was gorgeous and I was excited about exploring. It was close to PC ultra settings. The LOD was perfect. The Draw distance went much further too.

My belief is that this once masterpiece on series X has deteriated due to fact it needed to pave the way for more complex aircraft scenery ect.

From what I found out any study level aircraft that I own run for the most part with no black screens or performance issues. Which is a positive for performance but a disappointment looking out the glass.

Even so flying the stock aircraft that came with the deluxe or premium edition. The cessna for VFR is a let down, the draw distance is appalling.
For example from my house in real life I can see a power station 18 miles in the distance and in the sim it doesnt pop in until 8-10 miles away. None existant from 1000 ft and above my house. It used to show up before all this tampering.

If only the series X had a little bit more RAM this would run with complexity of maybe the PMDG 737 and LOD/Draw distance in the sim world.

I hope there is one last hurrah for us on Xbox and some thing can be done for VFR and IFR for happy simmers. I know it cant manage graphics and complexity together


Hello @GeneticBus51774,
It is because there are logged bugs regarding the same. Duplicates will be closed per posting guidelines. However, I have brought this up internally.


ha… it would be funny if it weren’t so sad…

“what they say”… is that the idea was, on xbox, to momentarily degrade the visuals to prevent the avionics on complex aircraft from going black. According to them, this should be just for a moment, and then the visuals should come up again… and, it shouldn’t happen when flying light GA aircraft without complex avionics…
can anyone thats having the problem test to confirm this?


Sometimes i think about SU5-SU8 and early days on Xbox Series X when i bought it for only MSFS. Graphics, smoothness was great as good as PC as i also watch on twitchtv and youtube for comparisons. They made me buy XsX instead of a PC those days (pc prices were crazy high), i was very happy. Months later i had to switch to PC because of memory issues and some downgrades. Sometimes i wish we never had pmdg on xbox. I would do anything to go back to SU5 days on PC and early xbox days.
edit: There was also a great period on Xbox, there were special beta test for only Xbox those days and they fixed a lot of things on that beta, forgot which one.


I’ve always found very strange how LoD mgmt works in msfs - we tend to blame the console’s limited resources but i think something else is going on - in the sim i can be right close to a building , jetway, airplane, person and it is rendered without texture or as a block with 1/10 the number or polygons however in the same scene you can see a bunch of cars parked 600mts away with full details - it’s just inconsistent- looks more like inappropriate prioritizing rules being given to render details so imho that’s code…
Then there is something else that throttles down everything from time to time , i dont know if its servers or what is it but then they bring on these fs98 like textures and they don’t go away! I agree this is not acceptable, those pictures i posted earlier are from paid add ons i installed on my hard drive, how can they be rendered like this!
Please MSFS team, you need to tackle this. If one thing we would expect from a console is consistency in the user experience . Right now its like 1 day image quality can range from quite good to excellent and then 6 other times the textures LOD and pop ups are just unbearable.


This memory management system,.for me, must be working all the time because I’ve changed nothing in my set up ( no third party airports, no points of interest only photogrammetry cities) since the early days and never had any problems with memory issues i.e ctd. But now since the update and memory implementation the visuals outside the reduced LOD are awful, completely out of focus, disastrous. Like I said running no addon so my memory should not be struggling.


I’m not writing all this again…

My instincts have been right about so much with the end of 2020. My instincts told me there would be a flub that we would have to deal with since they said this was the last update for 2020 in 24. My gut was telling me “hold on buddy!”
They butchered my boy. The sim has never looked this bad. There’s a thread about the bad photogrammetry in London, the whole world looks like that, if not worse now after SU15.
I was a premium deluxe since day one. Now I’ll be surprised if I even get game pass to try 2024. I’ve been stoked for 2024 since the absurdly early announcement they made for it. That’s gone now.
I feel so slapped in the face by MS/Asobo making this “Conscientious” decision to nuke our sim. The slippery tongues at MS/Asobo should take responsibility. I was one of their biggest fans but with all the nonsense over the last year I’m over it. You’ve lost my trust.
I have 1 Honeycomb Alpha, 2 Turtle Beach Velocity One yokes with rudder pedals, 1 Thrustmaster T Flight HOTAS One, all collecting dust. I’ve simmed every day since NOV 21. This is the first time in nearly 3 years I haven’t touched my peripherals in days. Every time I boot the sim since SU15 I just feel cheated plain and simple. Cheated.


Same here!


By now if they don’t do anything I will simply stop buying from the marketplace, it’s not a threat it’s not an inducement, simply after this latest update all my money has been thrown away and can’t even get a refund. i will stop paying for the game pass i’ve been paying for 12 months waiting for msfs 2024 which i’m more and more doubtful to have if that’s what we have from Xbox.


The power supply in my desktop PC failed, so I sat down yesterday to fly on the Xbox and one of the airport vehicles driving around (on the active runway, no less…) looked like those fire engines in @FumingColt7479 picture above.

I really couldn’t believe it. I watched as it popped in and out of LOD where it looked like a child’s wooden toy car and then it rendered as it should with the textures and then it popped back to child’s toy. All of that occurred as I was slowing for the hold short line. The car was approaching from the opposite taxiway, turned onto the active runway and drove down it. It was that close and the LOD performance was that bad/screwy? And this was at some auto-gen rural municipal airport with no traffic to speak of.

This was on a Series X with the absolute base sim installed with one add-on installed — the IniBuilds Bf 108 Taifun, which is GA.


Same here, it’s absurd, I hope msfs is investigating into this, it definitely needs to be fixed, until then I refuse to use msfs


An example from earlier today .re this “Inconsistent visual experience”.
This first screenshot was taken just prior to landing at YPPF after a 30 min flight around Adelaide. This is an example of what I would consider a pretty good image quality ( i’ve seen even better) but i would say this is pretty amazing ( note this is xbox series x)- please zoom in to see details of ground textures and PG. beautiful!

After landing I load another flight departing YPAD and using the drone camera I start to get this….
Notice the really poor texture of the closer qantas 737 vs the farther Bae146 in the background.

More examples of ugly looking textures of objects that are closer vs more distant ones .