Grass Triangles

Does anyone know why my grass textures are like this? Only if I turn them off do the triangles disappear. I’ve seen a workaround is a reinstall but wondered if I got new textures from elsewhere they would overwrite and I could avoid that.

Have you tried deleting your rolling cache?
This “might” also come from a conflict with another addon.

may be also usefull existing topic:

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Hi thanks for your replies. It does appear the rolling cache doesn’t fix this, is there any other suggestion other than a re-install?

Does anyone know if the “fast” re-install of removing the packages folder work? Such a ballache to download all over again. Will I also need to add the WU in too or are they all rolled into the download now?

You could try this.
It doesn’t look like the same issue, but it may be worth a try.
If it doesn’t help, you can always change the setting back.

So a full reinstall does indeed fix the grass issue.

115gb and a days worth of downloading to fix. :sob:

Here is one thing you can try.
I believe that the “bf-texture-synth-lib” file in your Official One Store folder contains the textures.
You could try removing that bf-texture-synth-lib file from this location and pasting it somewhere outside the sim structure.
Start the sim
When it doesn’t find the folder it will make a new one.
If it’s texture related, it should fix it.
If that doesn’t work you can still replace it with the one you removed.

Ok. This might not be everyone’s problem but this has solved it for me so far.

I did the reinstall as suggested and my problem was fixed I then added all my community addons and then problem was back.

I eliminated down to the Trees Draw Distance fix which I admit I’ve not updated since I downloaded but it would crash loading into the flight. When it did load in the grass it was triangles.

I did think it could be the community version of RAF Valley as this is when I first spotted it but it loaded in fine.

So if anyone has this problem save the pain of reinstall and check your community folder.

Thanks to your help and suggestions.

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