Great Sim, Great Flight Dynamics

Just wanted to tell the team thanks for an amazing sim. All the complainers weren’t around to see how bad FSX was on it’s release day. It didn’t start getting better until four years after it’s release as hardware was coming out that was faster yet the code couldn’t capitalize on it. FSX was built for single core processors gaining speed when cores actually started to split into something called dual core. Talk about getting things wrong. That code was never optimized and Microsoft killed the series. People dealt with that for years until P3Dv3. FS2020 is totally different. Yes there are bugs but I’m sure you all will sort them out. One thing on the Flight Models, don’t change a thing outside of the twitchy ground handling. As a real pilot you guys nailed it on so many levels. Just wanted to offer a glimmer of support through all the complaining. I’ve seen a bad release of FS, heck I’ve seen a bad release of software period, and this is not one of them. Get those aircraft doors to open and keep up the great work. We need this to be a success and it will.


I second that, the take off roll is insanely real. Also the landing is heart pounding.

I been getting a rush again every take off and landing. Of course I only fly bizjet and the CJ4 is my work horse right now.


Amen, and they haven’t even optimized MSFS 2020 yet either for DX12 and you know they will. A lot of us running more than 4 cores will see a bump in performance I hope soon, as DX11 can only utilize 4 cores. I am sure there will be a lot of patches in the weeks to come and a month or two from now we will be rewarded for sticking around.
They did a fantastic job and out of the box this game looks so good and once I dialed in the controls and sensitivities, it flies wonderfully.
Did I have issues installing it? Yes, did I manage to find a fix. After the great help from the community here, I sure did.
With all the negative on here, we also need to show the positives. I can’t wait to see what is to come in the future.


I would love to get a reference for this statement because I don’t really believe it to be true.

Youtube GPU/CPU testing FS2020

At about the 8:14 mark in the final thoughts, it’s explained.
Also just look up how DX11 vs DX12 is optimized for the cpu.

I think it CAN use more than 4, but there is very very little point as it starts to scale very poorly.

Tom’s Hardware link where they do some testing here for ya~

Thanks, I agree on the flight dynamics. I am not a real pilot as you, but my feeling after just a few test flights is that it is more true to my real life experiences than in other sims. And the environment is just amazing! I find myself almost forget to fly the aircraft, as I want to look around outside the window all the time :slight_smile:

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