Griffin PowerMate USB controller (anybody using one?)

Is anyone using one of these in the sim? I thought it might be nice to use in the airliners to roll the altitude dial of the autopilot. I can’t seem to get my configuration software to run.


I tried, but couldn’t get MSFS2020 to see it. I wanted to use it for trim. I even tried mapping it to keystrokes to see if MSFS could see it as keystrokes.

Interesting, I couldn’t launch the Configuration software for the puck. It failed and gave me an error message. Windows does see it and if I roll the knob the mouse cursor travels left or right in the X axis. The button press is detected as a click. If I slew over a button in the cockpit and click the knob it is translated as a mouse click yet Flight Simulator Controls section doesn’t recognize it as an input device.

Unfortunate, because it’s a fantastic device with a great feel. Been using it for graphics and music for almost 20 years!

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