Ground crew has disappeared!

Since the last update, no ground crew, no push back guy, how can i find them? I upped the percentage in options, general, but doesn’t help.

Does anyone know where they went? Maybe because I ran over one guy couple weeks ago?


Did you fly into a country that was in lock-down?


On the other hand, I did see a fishing boat off the south west coast of UK this morning. First time I’ve ever seen a boat in vanilla MSFS…


On a serious note, :wink: (not that I didn’t appreciate the response) have you installed any scenery mods?

If so, check to see if there are any with AirportServices and/or LivingWorld_config directories, it’s likely do to that. The feature is broken (they should only affect the airport they were written for, but, instead affect the whole simulator environment), and, typically, I believe it’s the last one that’s read is the one that’s used, so if you have multiple airports that have them, then it’ll choose one of them for all.

The fix would be to edit the layout.json of the airports that have them and remove the sections associated with the two files.

My question is, how do I get the pushback guy to disappear? He’s always standing right in the ■■■■ way!

Maybe. I think I strayed across the Belarus border, not sure, but when I saw a a MiG-31 at my 10 o’clock, I hit the ESC key.


Nope. I don’t have any scenery mods at all. Only thing in my community folder is the JF Arrow.

Must be something else?

Yep, gotta be something else then :slight_smile:

Although, I assume you haven’t purchased any airports either that are in your OneStore directory?

I did get a guy with table tennis bats guiding me into a gate yesterday for the first time in ages. Can’t remember which airport though, but they now seemed a bit more few and far between compared to to when the sim was launched.

Before anyone corrects me, I know. they are called Marshalls :slight_smile:

I have some airports bought at the msfs store; and none in the last month or so. None at all since i lost the ground crew. A real puzzle. [Actually i only fly GA so I don’t really need them!]

Which aircraft are you testing with?
The pushback personnel is disabled for the JF Arrow since the beginning (intentionally since it’s far from realistic to have it for such small aircraft on every airport), this is done for each aircraft individually. Try with the default C172 and you should see them.

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Gosh, I didn’t know that!!! Getting the Seminole out of the hangar now!

OK you are certainly correct on that! I tried the C172 at a JFK gate and the pushback guy was there. Tried same gate with the Baron, he was there. Tried same gate with the Seminole, and no one around. So looks like Arrow and Seminole have it disabled. Very interesting!!

While we are on the subject of the Seminole, if any of you have it, more questions: I found on the checklist that the GTN750 mod is available. Its very dim and i don’t see a switch to brighten it. Also I can’t find a switch to change from VLOC to GPS. On the Arrow there is a switch and it works well. Certainly one of the best mods available.

Do you happen to know what JF did to disable the pushback guy? If it is a cfg edit, I will edit the twit out of my entire fleet. I normally run through him with the wing as it is.

Uhm check the aircraft.cfg, there is a setting for it, should be self explanatory.
I’m not at my PC right now to check but you’ll find it.

I’m sorry, I can’t help either, but

If I were the pushback guy, I would run away from you too. :wink:

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Thank you. Will check.

Seems pretty clear to me that by now, most of us have killed all of the ground staff which explains why we no longer see any. This is where MSFS is not ‘As real as it gets’ because you see no blood or body parts as another marshaller gets chopped up by your propeller and having hit one with your wing, he just disappears and is not lying on the ground behind you.

ha…yes I seem to have copious decapitation issues when taxiing!

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If you install the GTN750 mod in your community folder then this option becomes available and you can enable the 750.