Ground effect too strong in windy conditions

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Ground effect seems way too strong in windy conditions (strong crosswind or headwind). Takes forever to bleed off speed in such conditions. C172, Cub and Caravan tested.
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Hello @FolkishZeus315,

Can you please provide additional information such as the windspeed and direction, the airport, and the runway where you tested this?


I would absolutely agree with this. I was barely able to control the 172 out of KVPZ. Winds were 220/7kt. Trying to taxi was almost impossible and taking off was impossible. The SR22 seemed better.

Will do some more testing and report back with more details.

I’m finding that just steering the thing on the ground with anything above 10 kts wind is almost impossible. Just tried it again messing with the settings and even with full rudder I still have to hit the brakes to force the plane in the correct direction. I know your specific issue is related to ground effect, but can you confirm the same issue with taxi?

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Will do some more testing. I know the DA40 has problems with taxing, especially turning in the wind.

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Ok, so I just tested again at St. Barthelemy (TFFJ) using live weather at first in the C172 (around 1000kg total weight). Winds varying from 072 - 088 at 15-21 knots (gusty winds). Was taking off and landing runway 10. Really hard to slow the plane down in ground effect. When I increased the wind speed to 20-29 knots (gusts), it got a lot worse making a landing here pretty much impossible. In zero wind conditions, everything is fine.

Same issue with the King Air which is almost impossible to slow down in ground effect, even with the power levers in flight idle. Should be the opposite due to the huge prop drag. Not sure if this is due to lack of prop drag for the King Air in particular, or something strange with ground effect in strong wind (crosswind or headwind). I did not test the King Air in zero wind conditions though.

What airplanes are you flying? The C172 works just fine and the way it’s supposed to. It’s actually a lot harder to taxi a C172 in real life when it’s windy than in the sim, and you often have to use differential braking to stay on the centerline as well as constantly working the pedals and using wind correction with ailerons and elevator. But the DA40 has some issues.

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Thanks for the reply. While I’m not licensed, I’ve flown 172s in real life and what I’m experiencing isn’t what I had in real life. Tested it again just awhile ago and at 7kts I was full rudder to one side and having to stomp on the brakes. At 6kts, this exaggeration disappeared almost completely. I’ll continue doing more testing on my end.

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Not sure what the problem is. I have issues with the DA40 regarding taxing in wind, but not the C172. 7 knots wind shouldn’t give you any issues while taxing. Not in real life either. I have a few threads now regarding wind issues that came with SU10, so I suspect we need some adjustments to the way wind behaves. That being said, I really like what I’m seeing now with SU10, but it needs some adjustments for realism. There’s also a thread here regarding the turbulence which is a bit too heavy now in SU10 beta.

I have the same problem with the PMDG 737 BBJ. For now I am using default airports from MSFS itself since my airports still do not reach MSFS, I also use a program for yogo with the mouse called VJOY (Virtual Controller) since MSFS itself lacks this vital function for some of us . when I’m running for takeoff I play with the rudder (keyboard), when I get to VR the plane loses the center line while I pull the yoke to take off and the plane looks like a crazy kite. Of course, physics is not the same in a plane with few to few passengers as in a full plane with cargo included… but it seems to me that Asobo should look at this

Didn’t they mention something about get rid of ground winds limit in su10 that has been around since fsx in the q&a before su 10 beta was released? When they talked about ground physics? I will check later if i find that part. Maybe that is the problem that makes the winds near ground too strong? I have noticed the bumps caused by terrain making mechanical turbulence has been increased in strength as well after su 10.