Ground textures not loading in until flying directly above

I’ve had this problem on 2 different PCs now, where ground textures just don’t render in, buildings look like [pixelated pyramids, and mountains just straight don’t render. I’ve tried reinstalling multiple times, deleting rolling cache, turning photogrammetry off and on again, changing LOD settings, installing new drivers, overclocking my CPU. Nothing has worked, and I can’t seem to find anyone else with this exact problem. I included a screenshot, any help would be appreciated.

Is this with a vanilla sim (no addons from the Marketplace installed, or addons in the Community folder)?
Try deleting the GPU’s cache?

Do you have any mods that impact the terrain? And what are your graphics settings?

Vanilla, I don’t use any graphical mods.

No, I don’t use any mods, my settings are mostly ultra/high, with terrain LOD at 200.

Hi! I used to have similar issues. What solved it for me was to deactivate my VPN and make sure that teredo is running ok. I now do this every time before I start msfs. Here is a thread about it Everyone having scenery resolution streaming issues - PLEASE READ