GSXPro "Loading GSX Menu, please wait..." now for 30 minutes

Hm just bought it and once it works out i now start and want to test and GSXPro is causing trouble. Or is 30 minutes + x normal for this app? And what can i do now?

I should have read things like this before buying it. This problem seems not to be rare. :frowning:

Does anyone knows the mail adress for support resp. customer care at FSDream Team? I dont want to register, log in, write about this problem and wait. I just want to ask for a refund asap.

Here is the link to the official forum, just in case you run into additional issues.

THX. I found this adress:
I will send my refund inquiry there and hope they also tell me how to get rid of this addon completely.

it looks as if you can even cancel the booking directly in the link to the invoice. Luckily I paid with Paypal and it’s probably easier to get my money back that way.
If anyone has some hints or refunded their to every advice is welcome.

Can’t you just restart coatl and resolve this? It’s in your system tray.

within 30 Minutes you can restart Coutl about 120 times… each restart takes about 15 sec. And it happens sometimes that Coutl just stuck in a loop, mostly due to fast called different actions within couple of seconds … i restart when it doenst continue within secods … there is no reason to wait (you would wait forever)… any situation in gsx can be restored after restart.

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How can i start “Coutl” again? I am now in the middle of the fligth and that stupid addon again fails.
And Tskmgr says that couatl thing runs btw
UPDATE Now after nearly 5 minutes is back again. I fell like having zero control about this app.

Not surprised…GSX is awful.

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It isn’t,you just gotta know when to start couatl,ops request of a refund seems he doesn’t want to try,here’s how you fix it Start coautl,cancel via task manager and open it again

Tbh its not only this but also the Follow me car. It drives curves and often just stops and drives back and so on. This is anything but immersive. Looking for solutions while on taxiway completely destroys immersion. Sorry but actually i am really dissapointed by GSX Pro. And before some complaint the gimmick with the Follow me car was one of the reasons for me to buy GSX Pro.

Theoretically not. My first flight was great but i am not a nerd who wants always to search for solutions. If i pay i expect it works smoothly. And as i wrote the Follow me Cab is a catastrophy. It drives stranges routes e.g. at the end of rwy making a big circle etc. The other effects like boarding or deicing are great.

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And there is another problem with GSX Pro. I always have to finish and start the menu (choose it from bar at top of screen ingame) again for every single thing i want to do. That kills immersion too.
And the boarding is not animated too. I am at Vienna Airport right now and i can see only a number that raise. But i see no one in Jetway (which has glass) and no one moving inside plane. Dissapointing too!

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You can make a hotkey in the FSDT laauncher and thats not a issue for me…GSX is not perfect but you cant refund it…it breaks their policies…they been doing trials since the dawn of fs

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You could try installing a GSX profile from This should solve the missing pax problem.

No, it’s not.
Bought it 2 weeks ago, and done 10 or more flights with it in different aircraft, no problems and don’t want to miss it.

Which GSX profile btw what is a GSX profile exactly?

You can find GSX profiles for many airports on (>other>gsx pro profiles). These profiles are customized configurations for airports, usually made by users. They often also include paths for the passengers. Instructions on how to install them can be found on the respective download pages on (it‘s very easy - drag & drop).

WOW a moment please. I do not only need the payware GSXPro but also GSX profiles for every airport where i want to use GSXPro if i dont want to get into trouble?