Guess where?

Thought it might be a fun topic if we post a semi-mysterious screenshot and others have to guess where in the world it is… first person to get one right wins a gallon of virtual avgas :wink:

Here is one to get us started…

So, where is this?

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The first person to guess correctly takes the next turn to post a screenshot of the next challenge :slight_smile:


Just above and slightly behind the right wing ?


Touché :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(There might be a clue in my reply…)


Your in La Touché France… OMGosh, wish I was there too.
Will have to fire up my TBM and visit.


F for follow. :star_struck:

Gah… I’d forgotten about this. Am I going to have to start giving real clues?!

Does THIS ZOOM IN help?

It’s a principality.

I thought people would get it REALLY FAST

I sure would like to go there and watch some rich people going really fast past a swimming pool……………

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Bingo!!! Let’s see if anyone else cottons on.

By the way, the zoom crop, colours of the wings, might be a clue there too :wink:

I’ll post your gallon of avgas tomorrow :wink:
Well done!!

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I know where this is. I could tag your post with the country and give it away. :smiley:

Hahah - good spot. I guess in hindsight I thought it looked more obvious than it actually does but I suppose you have to be into that “sport” to have any chance which cuts down the likely guess-ees massively.

Anyway @Pumpkinking9609 got it right - without spelling it out. I thought I might make a series of this kind of thing, but let’s let it die!! :slight_smile:

And I doubt you tagging it will help anyone guess, really. Probably need to show an actual view of the things that the place is famous for (on the water or road if ya know what I mean).

I’m just amazed I managed to land up there without crashing :slight_smile:

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Before we let this topic die, just a quick question: Where did you get the tower in the screenshot from? Is that We Love VFR or something?

Hmm I couldn’t tell you. I just flew up there and it’s there. I suppose it could be WLVFR. Or I have a M….o PG mod but assume it can’t be that as it’s a model, not PG… and that’s pretty far from the “town”. I’ll have a look if it could be anything I forgot I installed but don’t think so.

Thanks, mate! No worries if you can’t find it. I was just more curious than anything!

Next location, an easy one:

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I don’t have FS2020 installed yet, but that looks suspiciously like the Aurora Bridge, crossing the ship canal, looking south towards downtown S*****e.

Nope guess again, youre “close” though

Vancouver, looking northwest.

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WIN. Post a place…

Heya. I had a look and don’t see anything “local” that it could have come from so it must be from a global enhancement if it’s not something you see in vanilla game. So yeah I suspect WeLoveVFR but I’ve not tried disabling it to see if it disappears :wink:

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@Birdrabbas - Yea do it! This could be the saviour of this topic! Winner takes the reigns for the next challenge — I like it !!