Location of Splash Screen - Loading Screen - Carousel in MSFS

21: Sydney Tower, Sydney Harbor Bridge, Sydney Oprea House, Downtown Sydney Australia :australia:

22: Lough Leane, Ireland :ireland:

23: Parc Naturel Régional de Carmargue, France :fr:

24: Château de Quéribus, Southwest France :fr:

25: Vianden Castle, Luxembourg :luxembourg:

26: Pena National Palace, Portugal :portugal:

27: Dead Dunes, the Curonian Spit, Lithuania :lithuania:

28: Mont Blanc, Charmonix, France :fr:

29: Grand Prismatic Spring, North of Old Faithful Geyser, Yellowstone National Park Wyoming USA :us:

30: Is this also the dock at Momella Lakes, Tanzania? :tanzania:

Just to repeat from a few posts up!

I am very interested in the “geo-guessing” of these locations in the sim. It’s a fun hobby although I am no pro like some folks online. Where they can find a house or road from a single frame of a movie.

I have started to compile a few of these images and would like everyone to pitch in to help find these locations! I have a feeling we are going to get an update soon, that will add a title to these images… So let’s find these ones while it’s still a mystery!
I think we can all agree these images most likely come from landing challenges, bush trips, and other activities. As well as around landmarks and POIs. Some are easier than others! Some are almost impossible to know with how little information is offered up visually!

This is the other thread that has my attention these days if you want to follow along with other FlightSimmers Screen shots from around the world.