Guess where?

This looks like Skagerrak? But not 100% Scandinavia?

Not Skagerrak, but yes it’s Scandinavia. It’s also an island (I’m sure this helps greatly :smiley: ).

Actually: in general it’s between @Theduck38 and @Shack952514 :smiley:
I am one of the sporadic interlopers :wink:

Sure. Barely any islands in Scandinavia :rofl:


I’d say it’s Honningsvåg, Norway

True… a great place for seeing northern lights…
Your turn !

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That narrows it down, at least I got the right area…

■■■■…. Missed it

How in the …. Do you get these so fast???

Let’s try this one:

Don’t really know. I’ve always been interested in maps etc.
Also there’s a little competitiveness and a little practice.
And sometimes luck of course


This is Kloster Ettal


So it is … as a kid I got dragged along by my relations to visit it so I should really have known… but then it just seemed like a big church to me :slightly_smiling_face:

You are lucky they didn‘t leave you there. It‘s also a convent school for boys :slight_smile:

So it is, indeed. Well done. I might add it‘s in Bavaria close to Garmisch-Partenkirchen.
Your turn.

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In front is a waterpower-plant

That’s a difficult one because there aren’t many clues as to where it is in the world. I‘d say Europe, but there‘s probably thousands of smaller hydroelectric plants in Europe in areas that look similar. There 3 taller structures in the background but it‘s hard to tell whether they‘re just chimneys or something more unique that could serve as a clue. Could you give us another hint?

nice view!

It is close to the russian border

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Is it the Tainionkoski Hydropower Plant in Finland?

Jesss in deed. Iused to work there in the late 60s :ok_hand:

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That was a nice one. In hindsight I should have searched more thoroughly in Finland. I did scan parts of Scandinavia because of the many lakes just visible on your screenshot but only randomly. It’s just too vast. Had it not been for your hint, I‘d have probably given up.
Here’s the next one. Shouldn’t be too difficult.


Looks like somewhere in the UK, maybe London? The elevated rail and the row houses really look English…

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