Guidance please on Cockpit build/expansion before i lose my mind

lol Yes, I thought of this as well.

And no. You can run Air Manager and set up your panels without the sim running. No problem at all there.

If you haven’t seen this thread already, I would highly recommended it for free Air Manager instruments. Some of the stuff we’ve produced (like the CJ4 suite, the G1000 NXi, Kodiak suite) are already natively in Air Manager. But we’ve got a lot of stuff there that’s not yet released to AM natively. You’ll find a link to our GitHub page where you can download all our stuff (nicely categorized by plane type). And if you’re a Discord user, there’s a link to our server as well, which has a great, friendly, helpful community of Air Manager users that can help you out if you need assistance with something.

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