[GUIDE] A320 Neo MCDU Operation


Hi! I am trying to build an mcdu and I am not sure how can I connect it tobe compatible with msfs 2020. The first plan is to align the buttons on the Arduino (mega2560) and program their function in mobiflight. Then I think I need to do something with the fsuipc. Can someone help me to figure it out and tell me if I am wrong and if I need ro do something else??

What are you talking about? It’s very operational. I fly it everyday for the past year. It doesn’t have every single little thing on it but none of the aircraft do. Learn how to fly it.

Like I said, it doesn’t have every bell and whistle in it. I’ve performed many Cat III and CAT II landings. Yeah it doesn’t have Autoland and the MCDU is missing many features. If you expect a general consumption simulator to have everything in it then you are asking a lot for an under $100 simulator. But to say it’s not operational is completely wrong. I have no problem flying the thing.

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It is functional. I am a real student pilot also. this is not the thing. My question is if anyone know if I can connect my mcdu that I made with the msfs 2020. I dont care if its 100% real i just want to enter the values that msfs has in the sim from my external hardware mcdu.

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Good for you.

Let me get this straight, because TCAS is not implemented, no “cabin ready” and lack of autoland the aircraft is useless? Why don’t you use the FBW version? It does have all the features you need.

not helpful but if there is paper instructions please send it to me