[TUTORIAL] A320 Neo Turn On and Takeoff

Pt.1: Cold and dark statup and Takeoff

Hi guys
today I’m going to show you how to turn on an A320 Neo. First of all we’re going to need to turn on the battery that it power up all the elecric system of the plane. Then we have to wait 40 seconds that the monitors turn on. At this time we are power up by the battery and we have to turn on the Apu (auxsialy power unit) that is an engine on the tail. Now it produces energy. Next next to we going to open the electric by the button on the overhead panel. Now it’s time to align our ADIRS. This three button need to be align you plane RADAR an the hdg. Once we done we can turn on all the Lights of the plane that’s need; this is right very nicely write on the checklist. You can find the checklist here. Ok now is the time for turn on the pacx and the Ptu. Ones you take a plane they usually turn the Apu, and this sound like a blanking dog. Now is boarding time and then we have to write on the MCDU our ruote, and contact the ground delivery. Can see my ATC tutorial here. Boarding is now complete and we have it to push back the plane, so radio back to the tower and start a pushback. During the push-back we have to turn on the engines by the buttons under the trottle. We try the Speed break and we low the flap. Make sure the fasten seatbelt sign and the no smoking sign on the overhead panel has been turn on for take off. Taxi to the runway and ones you hold turn on the runway light. Take off an rise the gear, then the flap and finally the automatic pilot. That is the takeoff tutorial. Good takeoff all!



Now i will Write two guides: on the automatic pilots and on the MCDU.
Hope this is herpfull


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