[GUIDE] How to use the G1000 for autopilot (including landing)

I can’t post in the Guides section, so I’m posting here. I was looking for an overview of how to use the autopilot in the propeller planes equipped with the G1000 GPS and found someone made a really nice video that covers what all the important buttons do! Enjoy!


Thank you. I have just completed my first ever fully automated ILS approach and landing in that funky blue aircraft at KDCA.

I had alarms go off at around 500ft I think. Not sure if that meant turn of AP and do it yourself or just a warning. I did turn off AP just before touch down.

I even managed to use the approach procedures menu and changed the approach from rwy 19 to ILS 01.

So, thanks again!


Wow thank you for the downright excellent tutorial!!! Like that you also cut the simulator some slack for not being completely tuned, nice job.

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Not my tutorial, just wanted to share as it tremendously helped me! :grin:

Yeah, I had the same issue with alarms. I’d love to hear if anyone else knows why that happens. I’m also assuming that it’s because ILS isn’t meant to fully land for you, just help guide you into the runway and then you’re supposed to take over after a certain point.

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Thanks so much for this!!

Fantastic tutorial Geeeze my head hurts…

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Watched it last night. Good stuff.

Go practice and put this all to use! It feels amazing when it all works! :relaxed:

This is great and very helpful Thanks

Just made my first IFR flight and R Nav approach using the G1000, in the Beech Bonanza.
Thanks for the tute