[GUIDE] Mission Creation

Here is a step by step instruction I put together how to create a mission:

  1. Created The Project
    a. Create Project folder e.g. “MyTestMission” in c:\Users\hendr\Documents\MyFSProjects
    c. inside the project folder “MyTestMission” create subfolder “PackageSources”

  2. Configure the Project/Mission Summery content Manager
    -> when I did not fill out one of those fields it warned on compiling,
    I think it was the Creator or Manufacturer so I recement to fill out all
    fields below
    a. in Project Editor click “mymission”
    b. company: not needed
    c. Manufacturer: any
    d. Title: e.g. My First Mission
    e. Creator: any
    f. Content-Type: Mission
    g: Content Manager Thumbnail: select an image (but I do believe it also works without)

  3. Create The Mission
    a. On “Summary Content Manager” Press the [+]
    b. Select Mission
    c. Rename your Mission to what you want
    a. On “Project Editor” Press the [+]
    b. At Package Name: Choose a mission name e.g. "mymission
    c. Type: Mission
    d. [create]
    e. Click [mymission]/[mymission Mission] in the Project Editor
    -> That creates a folder “PackageDefinitions” with the xml file in it

  4. Configure the Mission Inspector
    a. Within folder “MyTestMission” create a new folder “PackageSources”
    b. Within folder “PackageSources” create a new folder e.g “myMission”
    -> this will hold your mission script and other files like
    * .FLT flight
    * sound files
    * image files
    c. Set AssetDir: to “PackageSources\myMission”
    d. Set OutputDir: Missions\myMissions
    NOTE: You have to hand type it AND then press [enter] to make it stay, don’t copy and paste
    -> this is going to be the directory where the compiled project is to find
    -> on compile it will create the folder Packages\Missions\myMission\Missions\myMission

  5. Add the resources
    a. Copy in the PackageDefinitions all the files that will support your mission script

    • .Flt File
      -> Note: The MYFLIGHT.FLT.FSSAVE & MYFLIGHT.SPB are not needed and can be deleted.
    • sound/*.wav files (must be in the sound folder, to be created in “PackageSources”
    • images/*.jpg and *.png files
  6. Create your mission script
    a. Click the mission inspector “mymission Missions”
    b. Click [Load in Editor]
    -> opens the script editor
    c. add an action to start
    -> [+] / Trigger / TimerTrigger (set stop time to 3.000 to let it wait 3 seconds after load)
    d. File / Save in folder “PackageSources\myMission” and name it exactly as the folder name e.g myMission.xml
    -> This makes sure it loads the script file automatically from the mission inspector [Load in Editor]
    -> creates two files (myMission.xml & myMission_edition.xml)

  7. Connect Flight file to Mission
    a. Open the *.flt file
    b. Where it says [ObjectFile] replace next line with File=myMission
    c. Where it says [ResourcePath] replace next line with File=myMission
    -> Make sure the Mission directory name is also “My Mission”
    Note: The MYFLIGHT.FLT.FSSAVE & MYFLIGHT.SPB are not needed and can be deleted.

  8. Compile Mission
    a. Press [Build] on the Script Editor
    b. Press [Build] on the Summary Content Manager
    -> Everything is getting compiled into the “Package” folder
    Note: Content Info seems not be needed and can be deleted
    -> Copy the myMission folder (and subfolders) into your community folder
    -> Start mission by loading the .flt file


Cheers buddy, much appreciated. :+1:t2::+1:t2:

Just wish there was an easy way to convert FSX missions, instead of what looks like, needing to start from scratch.

Anyways… again,
much appreciated.

I never wrote missions for the SFX but the flight simulator the version before. They still used at that time .abl where you could write in Basic.

However I’m doing good progress to rewrite the mission now for this version. Her is the first screen shot: https://www.nexusmods.com/microsoftflightsimulator/images/115

After the last patch the flight simulator mission editor stopped working for me. Every time I’m trying to add a comment to any node or try to insert a note ID, the moment I try to type something the entire flight simulator crashed.

Mission I created that adds flight attendant announcements to commercial flights.

Mission I created that adds flight attendant announcements to commercial flights.

The menu where you can load the mission that adds flight attendant announcements to commercial flights.

Me too! I can’t do anything now!

Also the console can fail to load some of my older XML files telling me it is too low a version (of XML)!

Good to hear I’m not the only one having problems using the SDK.

For me it boils down to using the node inspector adding node information like ID or description or anything else using the node inspector (except adding new references or actions).

Failing with older XML files is new to me but could give a clue. Maybe there are new requirements to the XML files we don’t know about.
What I’m going to do is to try to generate a brand new mission xml file to find out if that one will crash, too. If not, then I can compare the new file with the old files I have to see if there is any differences that causes the crash.

Please let me know if find anything out as well.
Thanks a lot for your comment and if you have any questions about how to build missions, let me know and I’m more than happy to help.

Quick updated: I just created a brand new mission file with three nodes. It looked in the beginning the SDK would work with new mission files but then it crashed again the entire FS. Restarted the SF, when to one of my new created nodes from the new mission file to change the description. As soon as I pointed the curse into the text box as started to type, with the first character to enter the enter FS2020 crashed again.

The crashing was one of my issues too but also when I closed the SDK, MSFS still crashed as soon as I clicked on any aircraft cockpit control, e.g. to reset baro…

I did a full re-install of MSFS to clear it as uninstalling the SDK didn’t cure the problem.

Good to know. I also reinstalled the entire FS and it did not resolve the SDK issue to crash the flight simulator.
Well, the good news is that they must be aware of the issue as this impacts more people in different areas of the SDK. Not only mission development. I’m sure they fix this. Hopefully with the next release. I read somewhere that they doing some SDK upgrade.

After the latest FS update ( the SDK editor is still crashes the flight simulator if you try to change a nodes name or description.

sdk still not working.
Created a brand new project (thought maybe something change in the configuration) but still no luck.
Editor just crashes the entire flight simulator

Have you uninstalled the SDK and downloaded and installed the updated one - v0.8.0.0?

My understanding is that the SDK for the mission is a part of the flight simulator program as shown in the screenshot, not a seperate program. Or am I wrong?. With each new release of the flightsimulator I do a complete new installation of the flight simulator.
The Downloadable SDK is for scenery and airplanes and sounds I do believe. I had installed it but I’m probably not on the latest version. I don’t think it does not play along with the SF SDK for the mission but I can give it a shot.

OK, just installed the SDK v0.8.0.0 but as I thought those are external programs that do not play into the SDK that runs on FS2020. Still crashes the moment I try to change a node content. :frowning:

Any updates?

It’s obviously possible as @choon172 has missions for sale.

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Hi all,

As mentioned above, FS Academy have a series of missions available right now:

It’s a very involved and complex process in it’s current form, but improved SDK documentation would be of benefit to developers and third parties.

There are countless bugs at the moment with the SDK, such as the CTD when renaming certain items mentioned above, but we’ve managed to crack the code and both Voyager Bush Trips and IFR are doing great with VFR just around the corner.

Thanks for the product ad, and no SDK advice! :thinking: