Gusts in **live** weather are not fixed

They still have a rail down to runway in SU10. Just the rail is very poorly laid. You barely have control of your attitude, altitude or speed as you can only roughly make it change toward a certain direction, of which constant adjustment is still needed to make it act that way.

Sure, airliners are far less affected (except for some autopilot and most notably autothrottle functions), but think about some of us who happened to want to fly GAs.

So we know having an option is technically possible, albeit maybe or maybe not affecting live player interactions.

But do we know that the developers understand the situation? That’s why I asked “are you listening”. You obviously took the side of the devs and thought this is okay but it’s not. So if you’re not hearing our issues with the SU10 gust, chances are neither are the devs.

I don’t take anyones side. I’m only defending a feature that they suddenly removed from the sim in su4. And now it’s back again. Would be bad if they removed it again.

I also reported the issue in the beta and they have tuned it a little bit than when su10 beta were released. It had even higher frequency at release of su10 beta.

About options

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That’s before SU10. It doesn’t sound very promising.
It sounds more like “We considered (note past tense) gust as an option, but we decided not to have it in the gust update (i.e. SU10)”.
So no the devs do NOT know about SU10 gust problem. Not until we tell them. And now by “defending a feature” you are preventing us from doing just that. You seem to think having bad gust system is better than not having it at all but I would strongly disagree. Having a not-working system, any system, any mechanism, is always worse than not having it.

I bet they know about different opinions about the gust feature.

You literally posted a thread praising the gust model. That’s very, very counterproductive in letting them know the problems of gust model.

A wind/gust/thermal system is only as good as the flight model’s ability to react to such atmospheric forces. The latter is most definitely lacking as of SU10. Almost all complaints about the gusts relate to this issue, not that the gusts have been reintroduced.


Well, there is also this.

I think both of those include some feedback to make it better.

It’s a July thread. Was it about the then-beta SU10? Otherwise this’d be an outdated thread.

But moderators merge new threads about same issues with those. Nothing we can do anything about. Yes, that were when su 10 beta released. July 8.

Also hoping for improvements as with all of the rest of the features in the sim. I bet many would complain if they completley removed live-weather if that’s not perfect as you mentioned about inaccuracy. Because some likes that feature even if it’s not perfect accurate. Someone complains the weather is not accurate then in next update we only have custom-weather until they fix the issue with live-weather. If that were the case we would not have live-weather for 2 years now because it can never be 100% accurate all over the world at the same time. Not the way to handle it in my opinion.

Funny that - same thing happened to me last night when I flew through Hurricane “Ian”. Lots of unrealistic yaw “twerking” with no updrafts or downdrafts. It’s an absolute joke.

I’m starting to think that Beyonce must be one of the Asobo test-pilots.

That’s exactly what’s wrong. No-one should “like the feature even if it’s wrong/not working”. Like I said, the common sense in games is not having a feature is better than a poorly implemented one.

Well you were flying in a hurricane. Imagine a GA plane failing to handle merely 0 gust 5 winds. Now THAT’s joke.

I wonder why you are even using the sim. A simulator can always improve and get better. Nothing is perfect in this sim not in any other sim either.

I agree they need to improve the gusts but not
remove it. Gusts exists IRL and should also exist in the sim.

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They should exist when they are ready. Not when they are forced into the game in the wrong (and worse-than-not-having) state.

For you it may be worse but not everyone thinks like you. We have different opinions. We can’t change each others minds and this argue wont help Asobo improve gusts.

I understand that you don’t like the gusts. Hope they can make us all enjoy the sim in the end.

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Then they are wrong.
We need a working sim first, then think about fancy features like gusts.

Stop talking like it’s simply “it’s too hardcore for you”. No.
Just bloody fly the smallest plane you can find in a calm wind with minimum gusts and see for yourself how unacceptable the shake is.

We don’t “implement first, fix later”. We wait patiently until a workable, acceptable mechanism is available, then implement it. That’s how development works.


The “it’s too hardcore for you” argument has been the bane of valid criticism on this matter from day one.

Sad how so many people prefer to enjoy a sense of superiority over others more than they care about the fact that they get it from something that’s entirely UNrealistic.

Yes, gusts are a thing, and yes, it’s good to have them. Better than not at all, at least. But the way it is right now, that’s not by much.

Gusts IRL are not a phenomenon measured in Hertz like the sim portrays it now. They come and go a few times per minute, not second - There are unpredictable surges of wind that come every now and then and bump you around, it is not a ride through a continuously tumbling cement mixer.

The sim right now feels what like flying through clouds ought to be like.

Outside clouds though, these conditions should appear only in scattered intervals, with lulls and pauses in between. (enough to catch you by surprise at times) - This is entirely missing and the result is definitely not a realistic depiction of wind turbulence under normal conditions. (you’d get weather warnings about areas where stuff like this is really happening)

So no, these gusts are truly NOT realistic right now. They are “better than nothing” but that’s as far as any praise may go.

It’s not just a matter of “toning it down” either, as that would not fix the problem and make it all less realistic still.
The problem is the fabricated (not in any wx data) rate of wind shifts - It is not the severity of the gusts on the airplane, but how often gusts of any magnitude can occur.

There is no weighing of probability with regards to how hard the wind should shift, so bumps of any size are equally likely. This is most unsatisfactory, as IRL you’d have a lot more frequent small, soft shifts, and only the occasional harder shove.

It is this that makes it so unpleasant to fly smaller aircraft. Again, it is NOT the strength of gusts that’s at fault, but their frequency.


I totally agree :slight_smile:

I want to add a bit of information about messurements of winds :wink:

Lets say a METAR reports 10G15KT. In simulations we expect the winds to be between those values.

In reality the average wind is 10KTS. The gust factor is the highest messured windspeed over that 10 minutes of period of time. That means that highest windspeed may only have occured 1 time over that period of time.

In the sim that highest value occure several times over lets say 2 minutes while standing on ground.

About the average messured 10KTS we do not expect the winds go less than that in the sim but in reality the winds can be as low as 1KT over that period of time they messured the average wind.

That means in the sim a 10G15KT of wind would also be correct if it was fluctaute most of the time between 5-12kts but may get up to 15KTS sometimes during a period of 10minutes at ground but the average windspeed over 10 minutes at ground should be 10KTS.

I agree the frequency while flying needs to be tuned down to feel more believable in all types of aircraft. And the max speed of gust should happen much less often. Because if it fluctuate too often between the average and highest it increases the average winds to be between the reported wind & gustfactor and then we have a metar of maybe 12G15 instead.

I really hope they tries to improve it instead of taking the easy way out and completely remove it. I also hope they can explain in more detail what the improvements are. That will reduce speculations.