H145 from hype performance group is incredible

I just wanted to say thank you to the hype performance group for the H145 payware helicopter. Its absolutely incredible and the best vr experience I have had so far in the Sim. I high ly recommended the payware version to anyone who remotely enjoys helicopters. The attention to detail is really impressive and the helicopter is a joy to fly. Great job! I really am looking forward to the other variants being released.


I second this! I’m usually a GA kind of guy flying exclusively in VR but can’t get enough of the H145!


It’s really incredible huh!? The sound is great as well, really hear the engine governor adjusting all the time.


Recently I fly none of the aircraft in MSFS but only H145 which is for me the only aircraft can completed a flight trip without any bugs. It’s also the only aircraft can made me satisfy and still enjoy this game.


Where can it be purchased…just interested in the civilian version nothing else

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Link below but only the luxury variant is available at present in beta state.


It’s a bit expensive, but bear in mind you are contributing towards supporting a small developer. We’ll worth it IMHO and good to support this team.


It’s a real shame, I really enjoy flying helicopters in sims (my very first computer game I bought after playing it on my Dad’s Sinxlair ZX was Tomahawk) and fly the rotaries more than anything else in DCS, as well as having served in Support Helicopter Force in the military, but I just don’t get on with glass cockpits in them. That’s what put me off the EC-135 as well.

After reading this thread I tried H145, cannot comment if the handling is realistic or not as I have zero experience with helicopters, but I can confirm it’s really joy to fly and visuals are pretty good. I think this will replace all of my other planes for sightseeing and small trips for a while. Thanks for the tip:-)


For me autopilot is a must for any helicopters or aircrafts that’s why having H135 & H145 is a must!

Yeah agree guess I’m an old timer hate the glass as well

I’ve never flown a helicopter (in any Sim). But reading this thread has really piqued my interest.

Thanks for the heads up!

This is really impressive and a lot of fun. It’s goes up a further level in VR. Well worth the cost, especially bearing in mind there will eventually be three different variants.

Have you tried the Bell from flyinside? It’s good fun and a challenge to fly. Quite realistic I would say. I have limited real life experience of these basic helicopters having only flown the gazelle for a week with the British army Air corps whilst I was doing my flight training in the raf vr. The r44 freeware that has just been released on flightsim.to is quite fun but early days.


Tell you what, I’d love to have a Gazelle in this sim. I did a couple of weeks with the AAC at Wildenrath when I was considering transferring to them and I got to fly along for quite a few hours in the Gazelle in addition to the “jollies” we used to get when out on exercise and they had a spare helicopter for it. I really like the Gazelle in DCS (in fact I assisted the dev team for that and you can hear me in the campaign) and the one MPD did for FSX/P3D. There’s one just a couple of miles from where I live, too, and they are looking for share pilots with AAC experience - such a shame I never knew about the sergeant helicopter pilot scheme when I served!

I am aware of the Bell 47, thanks.

I’m being a bit cautious before helicopters are officially supported, though.

@SphericWolf1 - you don’t need a glass cockpit to have a helicopter autopilot.


Ah nice! Yeah I agree I love the gazelle (I also have it in dcs) . I was doing my training at raf Leuchars and managed to join the vr aac for a week based there. The pic was doing a PhD in physics at St Andrews and used to fly chinooks before taking a sabbatical to do his studies. Really awesome guy and taught me how to fly the gazelle. Was an incredible experience.

I agree with your comments regarding the concern of heli releases prior to heli implementation, but I speculate that the third party asobo are using for this may well be investigating and perhaps relying heavily upon what has already been achieved. I’m just glad that they are developing helicopter implimentation and I’m very excited to see what becomes of it.

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the 145 is excellent.

graphically, interactively, FM etc, etc.

it’s only issue is that, for me, it’s so nice to fly that it can feel…

dull? pedestrian? like a taxi?

I mean its superb but, for me, is such a Limosine to fly (which is what it is) that it doesn’t feel “fun”.

it’s great, it’s fast, it’s massively powerful and always surprises me how easy it is to get out of a tricky situation but (again, for me) seems to remove what heli flying is about.

I think (and I cannot stress this enough, for me) that I’m more a powered bath chair kinda “dtiver” rather than rolls royce one.

I have zero regrets in buying the 145 and if glass cockpits and a luxury flight are your thing it’s a must buy.

it’s helpfully given me an insight into what moves me personally which us a good thing imho.

I can’t wait for a more barebones/analogue heli from the devs.


I also have to throw my hat into the ring with a vote for the bell47, whilst no where near as polished or “sexy” as the 145 is lots of fun.

if I could somehow mate the two projects together and get them to breed a twisted brainwrong of a heli offspring. I’d be very happy.

I’ll still fly both for now, they’re both super and don’t feel like they’re not part of the sim FM wise.

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Yeah I hear where you’re coming from. Have you tried the r44?

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yeah, it’s looks interesting but doesnt feel quite there yet.

the external app and its settings are interesting and it’ll be good to try it in a few patches time but currently a bit too “beta” for me.

astounding what they’ve achieved in such a short time though.