H145 from hype performance group is incredible

Yeah it’s a little odd in certain configurations. I find that is perhaps a bit too influenced by the wind. I had to correct my track quite a lot to account for a minor wind. I also forgot to disable the app so when I went to fly the piper arrow I went spinning vertically into the air during take off ahah.

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In one video a txt file was shown that said it needs to be activated via an external app and that activation is valid for two hours. Do I have to activate it every two hours? Is this still the case? DRM like this is seriously off-putting. Because of the draconian DRM on the Widgeon it is my last plane from flysimware and it is holding me off from buying the H145, though I liked the 135.

It’s stated in the manual that current activation process is temporary. You need to activate it in every flight, it stays activated in that whole flight. It’s annoying for me as well, but I guess it will be changed in the future.

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Thanks, I will wait until that is sorted and patched out then. This is an absolute no-go and I will not support it.

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That’s odd. I bought it last Friday and only had to go through the activation process once. It has never asked me again. I simply select as normal when planning a flight.

Here is what’s in the manual:
Enter your key (emailed to you by HPG Downloads when you placed your order) and click
Activate. Your H145 should be ready to fly, you may now follow a regular startup procedure. You
may also restart the simulator and there will be no need to activate for the next 2 hours. (A
continuous 8hr flight will also not need reactivation–activated flights will remain activated
PLEASE NOTE: The current activation system is temporary and will become more streamlined
in the near future. You currently need to activate for every flight but we realize this is
unreasonable and will be working out a better system. We have heard the feedback and will
make it much less painful.

I didn’t actually had time to test this. If I was wrong I’m sorry for misconception

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Yes that’s exactly as stated in the manual. I fully expected to have to enter the activation code regularly but for me I only have had to do this once, the very first time. The manual has either not been updated or I’m a ‘victim’ of a rather nice glitch :slightly_smiling_face:

The manual is not updated, if i remember right its activated for one month now.

Yeah and the exact day you want to fly their servers will be unreachable. I mean I get you need to protect your goods, but this is just a tad too much.

Yes for me I only had to activate once using the exe file in the H145 community folder.

I have to authorise it as per instructions.

irritating but not a deal breaker.

No it certainly isn’t a deal breaker. I’m loving the H145 more than anything else atm.

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Yeah you may be right. Seems like I am the only one annoyed by it :wink: It is a deal breaker for me. I just think submitting to such practices goes to the detriment of the consumer who has the hassle. If HPG ever goes belly up, you cannot use the helo anymore, if their servers are not reachable, you are shafted… Seems like noone else cares though, so I stop harping on about it.


Other than the fact that its a better looking (and sounding) model with some nice attention to detail, and its a more powerful helicopter, why is this better than the freeware H135?

I like the H135 and I’ve even made some helicopter rescue mission mods available over on Flightsim.to but I still need to be sold on the H145. Part of it has to do with the expense. There’s an ever increasing amount of ‘must have’ payware aircraft appearing now or soon and I can’t afford them all.

It handles differently. It’s a heavier helicopter and it feels it. It’s no slouch by any means. I personally think the H145 is more involved than the 135 but I stress that is my opinion. If you need to think carefully what add-ons you buy then you are wise to make informed choices for yourself.



imho the 135 and 145 feel very different in handling.

I suppose its like a ME 109D vs a 109E.

to the average person it’s the same plane, to those who fly it, it’s a very different beast.

if one is not really into helis then perhaps the 145 isn’t for you and the 135 will suffice.

I bought it to a) support devs b) get all the variants at a lower price in the hope one of them will be my goto “luxury” heli.

it won’t drastically alter your worldview or sexyness if you do or don’t buy it.

but if one does, its a quality addition, easily able to compete with Asobo’s native aircraft.

not many additional aircraft can do that.

if in doubt, stick with the 135


Blew up the gearbox in the Beta 2 version, apparently that is now a thing :smiley:

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The avionics and systems are better simulated.

Bit mystified about the Widgeon DRM? I bought mine from Just Flight and it was no different to any add-ons I bought for other sims. Enter code during install and away you go, hasn’t bothered me since.

Is yours bought from FSW directly? If so, and it’s worse, I 'll make a mental note.

'scuse OT

Just got the Beta 2 version, very nice!
One thing though …it says comes with military version…I dont see it.
I only see a new livery. ???