Handcrafted Vancouver International Airport (CYVR)

I feel like we really need an included handcrafted Vancouver International Airport, as it’s one of the largest in the world.
There has been a topic about the disappointment by fellow user @WagglyLotus7.
CYVR Disappointment.
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Who exactly is going to handcraft CYVR? It’s not part of the premium package, And that much detail is outside of the scope of default representation. Even the premium airports are not detailed, So i’m lost as to who you are directing this towards!

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To Asobo, whenever they will do a World Update Canada. I guess.

Since I love the airport and the area, I spent those 10 bucks for the new payware by FSimStudios. Even the handcrafted from Asobo or their partners won’t reach that detail. And I don’t want to wait forever.

There’s plenty airports people would like to see handcrafted, can’t please anyone I guess.

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There are 2 pay versions of CYVR available. I wouldn’t recommend the FSDream Team version, it causes CTD. A new one is coming out soon.

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