Happy now

Been a struggle last week, but finally I am happy.
Thanks to youtubers for suggestions.
The final fix that works for me:
After loading aircraft - go to graphic setting - Select default low and save. Then default high and save. Do not adjust other settings - leave it as is.
Finally thanks to Asobo for quick response with hotfix.
Of course there are a couple of minor issues I liked to see fixed - but for now my main focus is to enjoy the sim , and not hunting fps and missing trees in the horizon…


Yeah indeed… they ought to put this tip sticky somewhere !!

No - unfortunately this does not work. :frowning:

It does not matter if the settings are tried to save as High or Ultra the sim does not remember these settings and launches with Low-End-Config when starting the sim new.

The buildings are saved and loaded as “low end setting quality” no matter if the graphics config is saved as High-End or Ultra:

Only after switching back to Low-End, applying and setting back to Ultra gives ultra quality:

The sim does not save any of these settings, no matter if it´s saved as medium or ultra it will start every time with lowest possible building quality.

I don’t think this is the experience of everybody, is it?

I flew several times yesterday experimenting with this and I believe the Custom settings I have in usercfg.opt are being persisted and applied each time. So - although it is clearly a widely reported problem - I don’t think it’s universal

I too have not experienced this issue.

I don´t know if everyone has this problem, and I have to admit that I would not have noticed it without this guy uploading this video with the Nottingham Airport runway 27…

Since this video I know that the flight sim is not saving any graphics settings because every time I shut down the sim and start it anew the next day or so - everything resets to low (even with the word “Ultra” shown in the graphics settings) and has to manually set to low-end and to ultra again to keep the ultra graphics settings at least for the running session.

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