Has anyone actually seen a moving ship or ferry?

I know there are a few static ships in photogrammetry cities.

But I have both sliders at 100, and I have never seen an actual moving ship after 40+ hours of playing.


Nope, not a single one!


Same here. I haven’t seen any yet.


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Neither have I - thought it might be something at my end but maybe not.

Last night had good AI air traffic though. Couple of planes landed at YPAD while I was flying around. They interacted with ATC and everything. And they were on FlightAware when I checked.

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I have seen one right outside of Victoria Intl in BC!

I swear I’ve seen a moving ferry a few times, but the cruise ships move very, very slow. I noticed them near Seattle.

Nothing here and no “leisure boats”.

I saw some on the south coast of England

Haha I have not seen any either. I forgot there were supposed to be boats. Just static cruisliners.

I see yachts cruising around pretty regularly. Also saw a supertanker and container ship (not photogrammetry) sitting in the Port of San Diego.

Saw a ferry cruising towards Stockholm.

i see alot of different ships. But they never move. Also the cruise ships are still mating with each other. Sometimes it looks like they made a whole family. Mom and dad ship together with a smaller cruise ship. I think they mixed up the wildlife and shiplife features. Wildlife is moving around but are not mating. Ships are stationary but somehow reproduce… :confused:


Yep have seen several ones in the northern part of the Netherlands

I’ve seen quite a few moving ships - large luxury yachts and cruisers. I wouldn’t say the maps ever look busy with sea-going traffic, but ships do appear. However, overall, the seas look lifeless - for instance fishing communities are deserted around coastlines. Likewise, leisure sailing is practically non-existent and large tankers and other commercial shipping is, as far as I can tell, almost non-existent.

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I’ve seen plenty of moving leisure boats, have followed a few too.

Can you tell me where you’ve seen them? I’d like to check in my game .

Have seen only stationary.

Was some off of Madeira airport just now. I assume they are random and not live traffic. :slight_smile:

Check out the coast of Rio de Janeiro - it’s an awesome scenery - and some boats are moving around too…

7 or 8 in view moving off of Brisbane. Different size boats too.

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