Has anyone got actual 5.1 surround sound

I use a 5.1 sound bar with Atmos spatial sound supported. 3 channels from the front, with 2 speakers at the back, and 1 subwoofer.

I turn on Dolby Atmos spatial sound as well as the MSFS Audio Setting to turn on Spatial sound as well. It sounds sublime. I can hear all the sounds from around me including from above from the atmos placements.

But I don’t use it anymore, so I just use it as a standard 7.1 setup because I can’t capture the atmos sound for my Livestreams to YouTube. So I had to use the 7.1 so I can get all the sounds captured.

I use Mirilis Action, though. Not Nvidia since I need to Livestream in 4K HDR, something that GeForce Experience can’t do.

They are 4 speakers above you in the ceiling.

Yeah unfortunately, YouTube is still stuck with stereo sound.
Twitch on another hand supports Surround sound streaming.

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Certainly interesting that some feel they have genuine 5.1 surround sound.
I have windows configured to 5.1 surround sound, i get sound from all the correct places when I run the windows sound channel check, I have spacial sound active in the sim, I do get sounds from my rear speakers, but as I said in my editing software it doesn’t allow me to click on the 5.1 surround sound in the produce tab, P3D recordings used to do, so I’m not sure what is going on.

That’s why I posted a video link 10 posts above with 5.1 sound from MSFS. (Recorded with OBS Studio)
Does it work when you play it or edit it?
If yes, then there is an issue on your end but it might be hard to find the culprit.

By the way, Spatial Sound is OFF for me. Could be worth the try disabling it. It might be an option to simulate spacial sound which could explain why it’s not working.

EDIT: I just tried and ON or OFF doesn’t change anything, both output 5.1 sound.

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Last time I checked Shadowplay only records in stereo.

The sim does output multi channel sound and even Dolby Atmos with support for “height” speakers if you have a compatible amp and speaker setup.

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See and that’s great! But your average consumer isn’t going to spend the time or money wiring and mounting speakers in their ceiling. I certainly would if i had the time and money.

But still, you’d be limited to whether or not the game itself allows for channels on overhead audio, such as a plane flying over you. games like Battlefield and Arma would certainly benefit from such technology. But I’m one of those people that wouldn’t settle for less than full Atmos compatibility (i.e not virtual surround sound)

Unfortunately, it’s my setup that prevents me from getting a proper 5.1 surround setup, not so much my wallet thankfull. I’d have to get a carpet to hide the cables and then buy floor brackets which will more than likely get bumped over from playing VR games even if it survives say a session in Blade and Sorcery, i’ve got a 4-legged feline roommate that likes to chew on stuff.

Just give me that 8.1 chip-in-my-brain surround sound and i’ll be okay

@Portalearth420 I use Astro A50 headphones with my simpit. Listening to engines droning all day long at almost a killowatt of power isn’t my idea of fun lol, I save that for the films and TV. Same with the PS5 the cheap £90 3D audio headphones they sell for the PS5, they are excellent a recreating the environment, they do a better job than the 3 times the price Astro’s if I was honest, just the bass is lacking in comparison.

oh well bass is important. It’s not bassy enough unless when i’m playing a shooter and a grenade goes off, my ears actually start ringing

I have a 5.1 speakers. Connected to the old fashioned way direct out the sound card with analog 3.5mm plugs.

I do get sound out of the rear speakers, but the sound panning when I rotate the view in the cockpit isn’t as strong as I think it should be. Almost as if the mix for the front left and right is turned up a lot compared to the rears.

I’m considering Sonos in my office. I have it in other parts of my house, and I love it. It plays well with my traditional receivers and speakers too. We’ll see what the holidays have in store…

Same same. Sound is there just a little too faint perhaps for the rears.

Working fine with my 9.2 Dolby Atmos - home theater setup.
some sounds are not super well placed. rudder sound are a bit to low IMO.

Mmm, maybe my problem is shadowplay recordings, although I did try fraps and got the same results.
What recording software is being used that definitely captures surround sound please?

OBS Studio. Follow the how to here: Wiki - Surround Sound Streaming And Recording | OBS

Shadowplay doesn’t record in surround and I’m pretty sure Fraps doesn’t as well.

Ok, that might be the problem then, thanks.
I will give obs a go, thanks for the link.

Ok, I’ve tried recording with obs, set a high bit rate, selected 5.1 surround sound in the drop down for audio recording, im getting sound out of all the speakers from the recorded footage but I’m still unable to select 5.1 surround sound in my cyberlink software on the video production page, same as fraps and nvidia shadowplay.

Did you try doing what I did in the video I posted above?
Using the drone camera and revolving around your plane to check if you correctly hear the engine going from front to right to rear to left.

Because hearing sound in all speakers doesn’t really tells you if it’s working. Maybe the issue is not with the recording itself but before that, in game. So that would be the first check to do.

Also, if you open my video (which we know is in 5.1) with your cyberlink software, do you have the 5.1 option?

The “.4” are Atmos speakers.

They can either sit on top of your Front L/R and Surround L/R speakers pointing towards the ceiling.
Or, you can fix them to the ceiling where they point down, but they are designed to sit flat at a specific angle.

Edit: sry Ijust saw your posts further down.