Has anyone managed to assign the Bus tie switch in the Longitude?

I have managed to map the MFD map zoom function, which is the other event I was searching for, but the Bus Tie switch is still eluding me.



The Mobiflight WASM events which operate the Map zoom in the Longitude MFD are as follows…

Mobiflight.AS3000_TSC_VERTICAL_BottomKnob_Small_INC (and DEC)

Thanks, searched your history and found the map info. :slight_smile:

Are you using the Flight Dynamics mod for the Longitude? I’m thinking this could be related to the problem. I’m using it and per the aircraft.cfg, the bus configuration is like this:

bus.1 = Connections:bus.5#Name:L_MISSION_BUS
bus.2 = Connections:bus.6#Name:R_MISSION_BUS
bus.3 = Connections:bus.5#Name:L_HOT_BATT_BUS
bus.4 = Connections:bus.6#Name:R_HOT_BATT_BUS
bus.5 = Name:L_EMER_BUS
bus.6 = Connections:bus.5#Name:R_EMER_BUS
bus.7 = Connections:bus.1#Name:L_MAIN_BUS
bus.8 = Connections:bus.2#Name:R_MAIN_BUS

per FSUIPC, the event when clicking the bus tie button is ELECTRICAL_BUS_TO_BUS_CONNECTION_TOGGLE with a param of 5. However, sending that event causes L ELEC to go from NORM TO EMER, and the bus tie to not change. I think that’s what you’d expect from the cfg, but I also can’t disconnect any other buses using the toggle event so it seems only param 5 is connected.

I’d really like to see the decrypted Longitude files, since it looks like we can figure this out if we look at the model xml for the bus tie button.

That is interesting. I am not using the mod that you mention and when I tried a trace in FSUIPC i saw absolutely nothing.

I wonder if ELECTRICAL_BUS_TO_BUS_CONNECTION_TOGGLE would work with a different parameter?
I don’t even remember seeing this event in FSUIPC, has it been recently added I wonder?

As you say, this would be a whole lot easier if Asobo would decrypt the Longitude.

I shall keep experimenting and report back if I find a solution.


You can toggle

with … something like 5 6 7 8 values. But the bus tie didn’t move.

I don’t think ELECTRICAL_BUS_TO_BUS_CONNECTION_TOGGLE is new because all the localization files for FS2020 have these entries. See \Packages\Official\OneStore\fs-base\de-DE.locPak and you can see a lot of the events that show up in FSUIPC but not any SimConnect docs.

@SStinger2k2 I’ve been sitting here wondering why you even need the bus tie. I was thinking you want to simulate failures and some advanced stuff with your home cockpit setup but I’ve realized you probably just want to toggle it closed (connected) so everything works on ground power without draining any batteries.

You should just install the flight dynamics mod, because they changed the bus tie to closed by default, and I suspect this is all you need (for now anyway). I’m guessing they did this for exactly this reason as well. Now that I understand the electrical system it’s obvious: external power only powers the right side of the plane, unless you open the bus tie. The standby battery isn’t listed on the MFD electrical but is draining unless the bus tie is closed (connected) or the APU is running or the left engine is running.

Edit: re-reading the docs I’m not so sure, they imply it was closed by default but I think it was open by default. Anyway consider this if it would help for your problem.

To be perfectly honest I hadn’t looked into it that deeply. The reason why I thought I needed the bus tie switch was because I saw it being switched on when I originally tested the startup by pressing “Autostart engines”. It sounds like I dont really need it anyway. I have both the APU and ground power working but I had nevere actually tried starting up without the Bus Tie on to see what happens.

Many thanks for that, you have saved me a lot of bother. My cockpit is a replica of the Embraer Phenom 300 so it was always a bit of a stop gap using the Longitude for me as I wait for a Phenom to be developed (if that ever happens).

Best regards