Has anyone noticed that the stars are way too close?

Flying at night, I found stars in the sky are being way too close in VR (well, in non VR you can’t judge). While the stars are blocked by clouds they are closer than these. Really a tiny dome they create. They should be at infinity distance. To be fair, most of the world in MSFS is rendered properly in VR.


I agree, I find them too close as well.

Ah, the stars, not the STARs. Ok ok. :smile:


I didn’t notice that… I might add that noticing the real distance to the stars in VR would not be possible, at least not with current resolutions in the market. With this I mean, it’s the same for an object to be at 500km from you as 1 million km, your eyes won’ t be able to tell the difference, so if you have a very big planet, at 1 million kms, it will look the same as a very small planet a 500km.
This also happens in Ellite Dangerous, you sometimes feel there’s not a planet out there, rather a small sphere.

My 2 cents.

It is to close on monitors, too. Just slightly.

There’s a visual conflict between stars and clouds which is quite obvious. Without clouds in the sky it’s not noticeable.

And you are right, except in this case, stars do appear to me as if they are only 20nm away and I can tell the difference in this case…

+1 here

When there are clouds, the stars look like a “tiny” dome around the aircraft.

This same problem was happening in another VR game (Priciple of Talos) and it only happened with WMR headsets, adding a line in the config file of steamvr (wmr) solved it.

I dont know if its only happening with WMR??

If someone with oculus can check it, its important to have some scatered clouds and while looking to them…the stars appear like they are just hundred meters ahead of the aricraft, and the clouds look correct but behind the stars

It’s really interesting that this is most apparent in VR. Any ideas why? Are you getting stereoscopic information from the sky sphere? Or is the parallax just more noticeable with other objects in the scene for some reason? How about the moon and sun, are they on the same sphere and suffer similar perspective effects when near clouds?

I guess this has to do with being in 3D using VR - certain colors and color shades can create a 3D look compared to each other, viewing them in 3D - like really quick to notice, if there would be blue and red words written on a black screen, they seem to be at different distances from each other in comparison to the black screen.

I would have to check this out, didn’t paying attention to this, yet, but since the clouds could be more often as a more or less faint white color and white color shades, the stars in the sim are just pure straight white.

So probably that’s why the stars are more sticking out compared to the cloud layers … the only way to kind of fix this or at least to weaken the effect probably is to give the stars a more greyish color, so being “less bright” then the clouds white-grey layers (which is kind of hard at night (especially at night even really darker, if no moon light around, where the clouds are usually more dark grey or whatever)…

Okay, just my thoughts to this, not a scientific explanation :blush:

Actually the stars might well be drawn on a tiny dome indeed, hence the perception they are too close.

NB: I don’t have this sensation in XP11

Reported already here, consider voting:

I even noticed that without VR (and reported at zendesk). E.g. when you start at LOWI (a nice airport in the Austrian mountains) in western direction, stars on the left appear lower then the surrounding mountains and seem almost reachable :wink:

I found that stars have this “closer than clouds look” because even the faint and small ones get often not occluded by clouds. The moon btw also shines too much through the clouds. But it’s hard to tell whether the moon is percieved in front or behind the clouds.

I would assume the skydome is just a texture that has to be streched over the whole firmament. So you need a very high resolution for this texture if a star has to be only one pixel extent. Even IRL, brighter stars are percieved as bigger which they are not.

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The moon is also too big as well as the stars in VR. Similar problem with xplane VR. I think it has to do with the moon and stars being 3D objects rather than an image but I could be wrong here. May also be linked to different peoples IPD and not having the option to adjust this, similar to how some people perceive the cockpits to be too big while others say too small.

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after all that flying and crashing when getting too far you still think the earth was a sphere?


You might want to make a post in the Bug > VR section so that we can vote on this one?

Already in the bugs section, waiting for votes:

I’ve forgoten thanks! ( I’ve even already voted back then… getting old).