Stars too close?

I was flying at night in VR (Reverb G2) for the first time. I believe the stars are not located in the 3D space as they should be at the infinity, but much closer, like 10NM. I perceive their location much closer than the hills surrounding the airport (LOWS).
Moreover the stars should be a point light sources (just a single pixel) while they are a kind of rectangular blobs in the sim, way too big.

Probably a reason for it, like antialiasing, resampling, VR downscaling etc, but you are right, stars should be single sharp pixels.

or earth is flat and stars are just projected against the dome… :joy:

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Filed this bug a while back, but no response. The ‘squareness’ is likely just due to downscaling though.

Yes, very annoying, in special because its soo good implemented in 2D.

Please fix this!