Has MSFS become an addiction yet?

So has MSFS become an addiction for anybody yet? :slight_smile:

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You tell me…

Hint: prior to Aug 18, all I owned for flying games was a cheap HOTAS


YES! In VR, definitely YES!! I can’t go a day without my fix. Sometimes I can’t go an hour without it.


That’s great! Made me smile! :slight_smile:

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Are you divorced yet would probably be a suitable question!

Awesome setup!

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I’m happily single. That’s why I can afford this stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:


how are you running since sim update 3?

Running 15 fps cold and dark, under 10 fps while moving. So basically haven’t been able to play at all since Tuesday.

Thats the problem…I’m addicted and can’t play. I’m having withdrawals and have to detox.

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Now that is hilarious! :rofl:

My husband claimed I was showing some slight addiction symptoms (e.g. tears/rage due to stuttering / low FPS / lacking flight sim features) so I went to see my doctor. She immediately prescribed regular matrimonial activities with my husband combined with joint flights using x-plane and the 737 Zibo mod. She advised night flights/activities so that I did not have to see the scenery and suffer painful side effects.
Seems to work and can’t complain about any side effects due to what I had to look at.


I’ve been pacing myself until I can afford some decent peripherals and until I know whether or not I’ll be able to start on the road to becoming an airline pilot in real life. Wouldn’t want to get the bug only to realize I can’t go further than my $30 desk chair.

Once I have all that taken care of, though… that’ll be another story

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My first venture into flight sim. Started with an Xbox controller. always looking to expand…so yeah…



Yes, addicted from Day 1 alpha days. On Sim and Forum virtually every day - one of the joys of being retired! Even have to take my PC to our holiday house - maybe the new Xbox would help here? Just a joystick and my real-life EFB on iPad. Very few mods and add-ons. Very few problems - just luck or due to simple hardware and software systems, I don’t know. Maybe because mainly VFR. Feel very sorry for those having ongoing major problems. I think being a recreational pilot IRL reduces the desire for lots of additional stuff. My clever wife wonders why you guys with those awesome hardware set-ups don’t go and get your PPL? Cheers.

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Yes, but each update feels more like a hotshot of black tar heroin. This latest makes me feel like I’ve been on a three day heroin and booze bender, and awakened naked next to Sid Vicious’ girlfriend with a police dog sniffing my crotch.


Same here. Bought it for the VR.
Hard not to fly every day.

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After Tuesday’s update, it feels like I’ve been jailed for the addiction, and they’ve now placed me in a cell with an unbelievably large, overly amorous cellmate. And he’s looking at me funny…


Yup since MSX. I’m still cheap tho still haven’t got myself an IPAD for charts I just spend all my money on hardware.

Yep, on it every day.
Retired from work, so I have the time now and am enjoying it, when it is working

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