Hat Button pan-lookaround?

Has anyone figured out how to make the hat button behave more like right-clicking and holding the mouse button? I’m using the Honeycomb Alpha Yoke.

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I just set up my Honeycomb Yoke a couple of days ago. The default bindings for the hat use the “Quickview” commands which are the ones that snap back to center as opposed to smoothly panning around. They did this for both the Cockpit View and the External View. You will need to go into the Options > Controls screen and delete the current bindings for the hat switch. It’s really important that you delete the current bindings because you can double bind to the same input which will create a mess! You will then create new ones using the “Cockpit Look” and the “External View” commands. You can actually bind in all 8 directions for the hat to get really smooth panning.

Here’s a great guide on the Camera control commands:

And here are a couple that cover the Controls setup screen:

Let me know if you need any more help with this! Rick


Thank you. That was really helpful.

This is what I’ve done, only issue is the movements are too aggressive.

I recall previous Flight Sims having a much smoother camera motion using the hat button

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You can change the speed of the pan under General --> Camera settings.

I haven’t tried, but I trust this is a thing.

If so, you’re my new best friend until midnight

Would you be more specific? I see the zoom speed settings but it’s not affecting my pan speed. TIA

Just under zoom speed on that settings page there is freelook speed and freelook momentum. Mess around with those until you get the pan smoothness you’re looking for. Hope this helps!