Hawaii Update?

did hawaii get any updates with either of the two USA world updates? its mountains still look frumpy to me :thinking:

No. It would sure benefit from a better mesh and some photogrammetry (Honolulu at least) and a few bespoke airports. Seeing what has been updated and what hasn’t, I predict an Oceana update some day.


Water masks were improved over the past year but little else. I’ve added a couple of payware airports, vessels and terrain mesh to add some realism. I’d be surprised if there were further ‘stock’ updates.

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ok thanks for confirming, wasn’t sure since the rest of the USA got an update. wonder why they left hawaii out? i’d assume it’s a pretty popular place to fly.

what mesh did you get, and does it work really well?

I have the 10m from Taburet. Price is fair and does make a difference. Maybe check out the photos before you make a decision. Available at several vendors. Here’s one…


Also have a look through this thread for other ideas…

not sure if it’s on my end but the dem link you posted is broken

Apologizes. Looks like the link was copied twice. I fixed it above.

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got it thanks. does it work with SU11? i remember after SU9 or SU10 a lot of the 3rd party DEMS started to tank the FPS. some of them got fixed but wasn’t sure if all of them

Here’s another important question for anyone who uses Hawaii DEM + Hawaii Payware airports. Does the TABURET HAWAII 10M DEM work with all of the OrbX Hawaii airports (of which there are many)? Would hate to invest in all of this only to find out that it all conflicts and has messed up the ground. Thanks for any info!



Probably best to post that question in the Hawaii thread linked above.
@Latka is the local expert and I believe he/she has all the important addons

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Sure does. I’ve made a few flights in Hawaii since SU11 dropped on Friday.

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Many thanks for the info

Ok I’ll repost my questions there if you think that’s a good idea. Didnt want to take over someone else’s thread tho and get yelled at :laughing:

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Heya SinfulDan! I’ve got all the stuff you’re mentioning. - I apologize this took me so long to get back to you.

I currently do not have any issues with the 10M DEM from Taburet (or any of his other products that cover Hawai’i). The 10 DEM looks a lot better than the auto-generated stuff I think for the scenery!

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thanks! i pulled the trigger and have been enjoying flying around hawaii, now if only someone would create Honolulu international!

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Ugh. Tell me about it. There’s a Honolulu city mod at flughtsim.to that covers PHNL and PHNG as well as the surrounding areas. The only down side is that the airports need work - but better than default!