HCS Aviator Voice Pack

If anyone has used any of the fantastic HCS Voice Packs within Elite Dangerous or Star Citizen, you’ll be pleased to know that they’re working on a new Aviator Pack for MSFS


I use their voice packs for Elite and Star citizen. Excellent product.

I see that this is voice recognition instead of pressing keys. Could it be adapted for ATC?

The thing they fdont show you in the video is you need another program called Voice Attack. Voice attack is a voice program that you can set up custom voice commands that do just about anything on your computer. If you can use a mouse, keyboard, or controller then Voice Attack can let you replicate it by using your voice. HCS basically creates a import of commands and comes with custom made voice responses for you. You put all that into Voice Attack and all the mappings are done for you. You just have to memorize the commands.

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It is Voice Recognition, yes. It can be setup to recognise key phrases and perform appropriate actions.

HCS create preconfigured profiles for use within Voice Attack, along with responses using recordings of professional actors (for example Willaims Shatner, Brent Spiner, Tom Baker, Brian Blessed)

Take a look at some of their examples on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoLyWh8gXnO9BO35sB48eOg

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Quite correct - you can create your own profiles within Voice Attack to do exactly this.
But the profiles sold by HCS are generally very well done, and include the professionally recorded responses.

The Aviator pack is currently in Alpha but available for £3 - From experience of the packs created for Elite Dangerous, very much worth it.

Both first & second slides in the Aviator demo video do state that “VoiceAttack Software is Required”

i purchased this and all i received was a pdf is that correct? or am i missing something

I purchased myself earlier, and yes, there is only a PDF currently within the download. It states in the PDF:

““AVIATOR” will be released October 2020. You will receive an email with your download link upon release. Prior to release, you will be contacted to take part (During September is likely) in the testing and community feedback suggestion phase. We’d really appreciate the help from the community so we can get this right and make it a worthwhile product for the long term”

It does also state on the product page:
“Aviator (VOICEATTACK SOFTWARE IS REQUIRED) - ALPHA Version 1.0. Scheduled for an ALPHA release in October. Early adopters will be contacted during September for the community testing phase.”

ok i did read all that, but i obviously did not take it in properly as its not october yet :rofl: thanks anyway

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I used it in Elite quite a bit. Looking forward to getting it for here. Will be a welcome improvement in my experience.

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Voice Attack with HCS addons is amazing and I can highly recommend them! Used it a ton in Elite Dangerous to take some off the load off of hitting keys.

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