HDR is on. GeForce saves PNG screenshots, not JXR

FS2020 running on Windows 11. RTX 3090 Ti, WHQL driver 536.67, DX12 on.

HDR is on in Windows Display Settings and in the sim. The HDR1000 monitor shows that HDR is on.
I want my screenshots to be HDR files (.jxr) But I can’t figure out out to get the app to capture that file format to the designated ‘Recordings’ folder. I specified a ‘Pictures’ folder, and GeForce created two folders (WHY!!! JUST LET ME SPECIFY ONE FOLDER!!!) Anyway, one is called ‘Desktop’ and another called ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator.’

When focus is on the sim desktop I press Alt+F1 and a screen capture of the sim show up in ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator.’ Great!

But it’s a PNG. Why not a JXR? I don’t think Ansel Mode has anything to do with it, but it is on.
I do have another SDR monitor connected. I shouldn’t have to disconnect it, because the screenshot is of my HDR desktop.

The Xbox Game Bar capture will give you a screenshot in both .jxr and ,png.

Thanks. I tried Game Bar, and prefer GeForce. I forgot to mention that GeF used to save JXR files. I did an experiment and disconnected my secondary SDR monitor, rebooted, then reconnected it and started the sim. I had to redo all the sim’s graphics settings, but that was a minor detail. I have no use for PNG screenshots (they look awful in HDR mode.) And I have a little watch folder batch utility that automatically converts JXR into JPG.

Now it’s capturing JXR files again. I guess for some reason when I connected my new HDR1000 monitor today, GeF got confused and thought the SDR monitor was the target.

Anyway, it seems to be working fine now.

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I remember seeing a similar problem on my system when the SDR monitor was the ‘primary display’ in Windows; it seemed like NVidia’s screen capture tool keys off the HDR-ness of the primary display, instead of the display on which the window you’re capturing is based… IIRC I had better luck with the HDR monitor set as the primary (might’ve needed a reboot too).

I have an AMD card now though so can no longer test the current behavior.

ALT+F2, I think HDR is an option or when saved as higher resolution.

What’s weird is that my HDR monitor was set as primary, and I was getting PNG screenshots of the flight.
Windows 11 is really good with displays. But in this case, something got screwy with GeForce when I changed to my new awesome 32" LG. All is well now, so that’s good.

Alt+F2 saves an EXR file. My (limited) understanding is that EXR is a RAW data file that contains more info than the JXR (JPEG-XR) HDR file.

From the internet:

EXR files are useful when you need to store and work with the highest dynamic range, uncompressed images you can. Especially when you’re going to manipulate them a lot, such as when color grading or compositing, without introducing compression artifacts or color banding.

This makes them ideal for use in animation, 3D rendering, and even professional photographic finishing, where you might be layering multiple passes together to create the final image.