Headwind A330-900neo

I hope that the MCDU-Server with the FBW stable vers. 0.75 is integrated.

Is it now possible to CLR some of the waypoints via mcdu?

Hello. I downloaded it yesterday. But there is a problem. Batteries and displays don’t work. External power and apu don’t help…
How to treat it?

They said the FBW support is here to stay. They will even keep implementing it all the way to 0.80 when VNAV is added.

If you want to take advantage of the very low and unrealistic fuel burn for some long haul flights… I did a 12 hour flight from Memphis to Dubai, about 7000 nm, the limit of the A330, and I landed with 36% fuel remaining :slight_smile:

For those of you that are using MSFS Community Downloader this mod is now available in the supported packages. :slight_smile:

Just go in the “Add Package” section and retrieve the stable or develop profile.

A few bugs trying the latest update today:

  • Map won’t change scale or move with the aircraft. Stuck on my first waypoint all flight, and the captain and FO maps look different (different wind information, for instance).
  • Climb performance is WAY too high, I got a MTOW aircraft from runway to FL350 in 6 minutes.
  • SimBrief plans won’t load into the FlyPad (works fine on the MCDU)

I’m having the opposite results. My fuel burn is extremely high. I have to refuel during the flight so I don’t fall out of the sky. I am using the Headwind profile in SimBrief so I don’t understand why it burns so much. Is there a fuel fix for this?

Since SU9 I can’t calibrate the throttles and they are not set as they were pre-SU9. Additionally, time acceleration in now inop. Went back to the pre-SU9 version and all is well.

copy fbw setup and after it will work

Thanks. I’ll give it a try.

In my case, the autopilot won’t turn on after take-off!! As soon as I hit the button, typical Airbus sound of autopilot disconnection occurs. Its kind of frustrating as apart from this feature, the plane is almost perfect for me. Can’t fly anymore.

Try to recalibrate joystick axes. Very weak joystick input can disarm AP. Increasing dead zone of those axes also works.

Today 19 May 2022 , I have calibrated my joystick by the text book… On roll out no issues auto trust is set as soon as my wheels are off the ground power goes right to idle and the planes stalls and crashes. i have no idea i switch to pmdg 737 and no issues.

-Is it possible to remove/change the X2 simrate limitation? (i know its been done for the AP)

-how do you enter your cargo weight in the FMS?(able to enter #of pax, but cargo is greyed)

-how do you proceed in general for speed in the last phase of the flight, because when using ‘‘managed speed’’ it slow to approach speed quite far from destination

-what fuel tank(s) should be filled first?

Assuming you are using the latest version, this is usually due to having flight assistance turned on (according to the FBW team). Make sure all assistance are off and try again.

A while back, the FBW team posted a hidden feature where I think you could add a line to one of the config files to remove the 2X restriction. You would have to do some searching or maybe ask on their Discord. I also don’t know if it’s still supported.

I don’t think that’s supported yet.

The plane should go into approach mode when it hits the DECEL waypoint. Is that not working for you?

Just load the desired total fuel in the EFB fuel page and it will fill the tanks properly. I think center tank is filled last, and on many short or medium flights is empty.

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I really hope they include the MCDU server from FBW. It’s so important for home cockpit builders. otherwise this beautiful aircraft is not really usable. So Headwind please install the MCDU server soon !!!

That would be my wish. Please!!! And certainly not only from me!!

I get 5.2 FPS flying this p[lane, completely UNPLAYABLE, but all other planes are good, even the rubbish captinsim releases runs better

New update is out and seemed to fix that problem :ok_hand: