Helicopters are a must

not exactly… it helps users which own a normal joystick.

Other flightsim have different choices how you can trim ( e.g. for diferent scenarios like spring based joystick, without spring, force feedback , … )

But I understand the point: should trim available for helicopters which not have that in RL ? Difficult question and I would say “let users the choice”, eg. like its done in the B-47 with the governor … I have the axis and can fly without the “virtual governor”, other users may be not.

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Even with the same set of controls, it still isn’t. Not even professional simulators give you full-fidelity.

But it can be close enough. And that’s what we all aim for, I guess :slight_smile:

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You can solve that by removing the spring (on some models) or getting a VIRPIL CM3 base, for example. It’s a pretty sweet unit.


I don’t want to do either of that, because I don’t want to have multiple controllers to cater to different aircraft. If I would fly helicopters exclusively that would be something to consider, but I don’t. An integrated software solution would definitly be more elegant, cheaper and preferable in my case (and most other cases, I would presume).

2 weeks + 1 to go :smiley:. Excited to try the 407.

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This. It’s a simulation - it’s only some approximation to the real thing and will never exactly behave as in the real world. That’s something people have to keep :slight_smile:


Yeah I can understand that!

Very nice feature discovery video, covering helicopters: Feature Discovery Series Episode 15: Helicopters - YouTube


After more than two years of waiting, the helicopter arrives. It’s a fantastic thing. For two years now, I have been watching news and updates about helicopters every week. The wait is now fulfilled. I’m very excited. I trust that the physics and flight dynamics of the helicopter are well done. My favorite is the Bell 407 helicopter. I would like to thank the Microsoft / Asobo team.


I too have criticized the lack of helicopters from the time MSFS 2020 was launched and available for purchase. I was one of the first people to purchase it.

After seeing the video of the Guimbal Cabri G2 on how it has been designed with the help of the factory, its blueprints, the sounds, the pilots etc, which is absolutely spectacular, I would like to know if the same process was used for the development of the MSFS Bell 407 helicopter?

I would also like to know if helipads have been added throughout the world in MSFS.

Some points:

  1. It’s a good thing from my perspective that it actually took so long for helicopters to arrive. Looking at the video I have the feeling it’s one of the most detailed default flight models I’ve seen by now as it’s all dynamic. If they would have just adapted the FSX helicopter flight model it would be really basic (again).

  2. The Nemeth Designs Bell 407 will be on par with the Guimbal I think as they were developed in parallel - by different teams but with the same knowledge base for the technical part for sure. Nemeth created the 407 also for P3D before so they already had feedback from this time and likely also some ways to get in touch with the real helicopter.

  3. On SU11 some helipads already show up on different airports (e.g. KSFO from the premium deluxe edition). For the rest nobody but Asobo knows, in 4 days we all will find out :wink:

As previously mentioned, the Bell 407 is being developed by Nemeth Designs, who had done one for FSX/P3D. The exterior model looks basically the same as the FSX/P3D version to my eye (from what little video footage is available), so I would have to assume at this point that they just ported over the 3D mesh they already had, but my gut feeling is that it’s likely they worked with Asobo to get the flight modeling working with the MSFS CFD implementation and such. (If you check out the Nemeth product page of the 407 they’ve had out for a while, you can see it has the same livery shown in most of the 40th Anniversary and Gamescom videos: Bell 407 (P3D/FSX/FSXSE) – Nemeth Designs Development Group )

Having wanted helicopters, drones, and gliders since I got MSFS 2020, I always liked my suggestion for Asobo/Microsoft to let users create/insert reasonable helipads wherever they wanted in the world. It’s pretty impractical to have a developer insert helipads all the places in the world you might want to fly a helicopter around just to be able to hover and not have the scenery whizzing by at close range.

P.S. I got tired of retuning my MSFS setup with each update and the “is this Nvidia driver update going to be better or worse?” stuff. So, I went off and have played hundreds of hours of BOTW six ways to Sunday, including porting the Wii U edition to CEMU on my PC (where an RTX 3090 really makes the game hum in reshading and all that jazz). But designed-in helicopters are probably going to reignite my interest in MSFS, at least until Tears of the Kingdom (and a new Switch-like device 10x more powerful?) rolls around (May 12, 2023).

I want helicopters with wheels. Am totally bored of skids now. I want to be able to taxi and do rolling takeoffs.

The freeware UH60 added taxiiing but the update that came after after that made it basically unflyable.

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One day more!


are we there yet? lol


And now, today’s the DAY! :grinning:


I honestly lost sleep in excitement. Lots of tossing and turning!

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