Help, I Moved Official and Community

Hey all. I moved my official and community folders to get away for ‘‘path too long’’ problem, I’ve update cfg to location of folder now, but when launching msfs it want to re install at 124GB

Help lol

You should be able to just point the launcher wherever you moved the folder to.

So when you launch MSFS and it asks you where you want to install just navigate to the current path of wherever the files are and it will verify them.

thanks, yeah i moved to D/FS2020 and changed cgf to same path. Juts didn’t want to hot update incase it re installed

Just make sure to point it at the right folder.

You want to point it at the Flight Simulator folder, not the Official folder. The Flight Simulator folder should contain both Community and Official folders. At least, this is the case on Steam, no idea how the MS Store version works.

In the MS version they live in a “packages” folder

yeah got it all sorted, it just wanted to verify files rather than download.

Thanks guys


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