Help installing Luke Air tool


I need help. I recently downloaded the Luke Air tool, and while it says in the description that I should get a .ZIP file i get a .RAR file. So I unpack it and extract all of the files one at a time to a new folder i made. Then when I try to run launcher, nothing happens, even when running as admin.

Any tips?

I’d try directly from the author’s website and get a straight .exe file instead of that other websites .rar

Hi, just stumbled on this. I’m the creator. Did you manage to get it sorted?

Heh, no idea but it looks like I got you 27 clicks :smiley:

Someone from the community made a launcher so it’s a lot easier to get it going. It’s my first fully fledged program but still in development.

It does require fsuipc if you want passenger and cargo sim, plus future career mode and virtual airline system. I’m also adding missions and recently added real airline routes which can be found under flight setup.

Let me know if you need any more help

Hi I am having problems.I downloaded form the authors website including the launcher vers 0.3.When I open it and hit play nothing happens.

Go into the launcher and choose settings… press Kill. Try launching it again. Let me know if you need any more help. Im the main dev

This is great, nice to have cabin chatter whilst in flight. I thought it might start automatically but I have to press pax chatter to get it going.