[HELP] What is wrong with my clouds!?

This has been on going for months. Why have the clouds changed and look like this now? I want release day clouds back! How do i fix this?

I notice that higher up clouds are blown out as-well, overall the clouds look disgusting.


This was all addressed by Asobo in a recent Q and A.

I just had a four hour flight in real life and my clouds were pixelated can Asobo fix this please.

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Clouds depiction is a known issue introduced with SU7 and reported in a couple of threads in the Weather/Bug forum:
METAR keeps disrupting the weather/ bugged weather/Cumulus/CB clouds only/no medium to high cloud coverage
What happened to cumulus / cumulonimbus clouds? SU7 UPDATE Now too many?
Live Weather not showing snow or proper clouds, only proper winds
Overcast still not displayed properly
Sim now seems incapable of rendering overcast using live weather

Apply for a job at Asobo in the Clouds department?


The last few flights the live weather has looked pretty good. Not as good as it was back when the sim released, but certainly better those in the OP. That mashed potato is pretty ugly, but it can look better in certain lighting conditions, and that may be a factor.


We know FS2020 is able to depict correctly most of the clouds since at release they were very good (no one was complaining so much) and now if you are using the “Floyds” clouds presets (available for free on Flightsim.to) you’ll realise that it is still possible. So for me, whatever they changed in SU7 live weather, made that the interpretation of the data coming from Meteoblue is not correctly done or maybe they are receiving less data or maybe they switched to another source with less data that makes the weather engine unable to render anymore correctly the different types of clouds.

Did they say when they are going to fix it?

Unfortunately not. The only thing we know is that next SU10 will include below point. As per the description it is not related with clouds depiction but with clouds coverage:
1- Cloud Layer Improvements (Bugs LT #2, #17) | SU 10
Fine-tuning of the cloud layer system to be more precise and incremental is ongoing. The cloud layer will be much thinner at sea level and thicker at higher altitudes. The updated system will better depict a realistic cloud coverage at low altitude with an update of the weather panel

The main thread that is reporting the issue with clouds depiction is not even flagged as feedback-logged, so it can take many Sim Updates before we see improvements.
METAR keeps disrupting the weather/ bugged weather/Cumulus/CB clouds only/no medium to high cloud coverage

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darn, thanks for the update.

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Doesn’t make much sense does it? I mean is there a weather rule I’m not aware of? In fact I think the higher altitude clouds (>20,000 feet) are usually very thin no? So I suppose it depends what they are referring to and defining as “higher altitude”.

Even though we’ve never had cirrus cloud type in MSFS, we at least used to have thinner high altitude overcast and broken/few clouds that were opaque and looked realistic. Not so much now, just some fluffy looking transparent puffs.

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Yes, I agree with you, it does not make sense, I did that comment in another post: