Help With Degrading FPS and CTD

Hi, I have made some changes which I am happy with. Please see the link below, wherein I have some screenshots and videos. I’m pretty sure that the CTD’s went away when I lowered the BCLK and Synced all cores in the BIOS. The degrading FPS WAS RESOLVED by toggling the REAL WORLD LIVE TRAFFIC. You can see in the video near KORD what it was and then how it cleared up after the toggle. The server accumulates traffic in the skys until they look like swarms of planes. It is this which is causing the FPS drop.

Please give this a try if you are pulling your hair out.

  • bob, a.k.a. “Tiger”
  • a) it is a Overclocking of the CPU " Sync All Cores "
  • b) it is a high underclock of the the CPU frequency ( and others too! , just the base-clock )
    – thus you get much lower performance , in special single core

So, in special because the setting in b) it points for me you have a CPU cooling issue ( or memory ). And don’t do a) if you not sure what you do, be sure that your CPU is cooled enought, that you adapted the voltages too.

So, not a optimal setting and its hide a possible issue with your system ( CPU colling, bad airflow, memory xmp mode, etc… )

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Try this, it works…

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Since the launch of this game, various optimization settings have emerged in an endless stream… But there is no real perfect solution. Even if it really works, it will only improve a little. The main problem is the internal optimization of equipment and the game. Well, upgrade the equipment. Either wait for the developer to optimize the game as soon as possible.