Here is my 15-Leg Bush Trip through South Idaho!

He is the sweetest boy @Joburgal. SO loving and happy and goofy and sweet. It’s hard to believe he was in a shelter for TWO years before I rescued him.

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Another couple of legs this morning… Poplar point is the trickiest strip yet took a couple of attempts to avoid the power lines and stop before the river! The WPP profiles reallly make this trip, bringing the wildfires and misty morning too life.

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That’s an awesome shot @Joburgal! Wait till you get to Magic Mountain :slight_smile: I think @BostonJeremy77 will say that’s more challenging than Poplar Point. Haha.

And yeah man, those Weather Presets are well worth every penny. Glad you are having a good flight my friend! Some new trips coming soon :slight_smile:

Took a bit of a break from the sim while waiting for a 38 Ultrawide to arrive, makes such a difference for immersion especially with my old monitor dedicated to the Navlog / Little Nav Map :slight_smile:

Flew a few legs this morning and ended up clipping my gear on the Magic Mountain trees @MikeBonocore @BostonJeremy77 you’re right this one needs some skills!!

Hope everyone’s staying safe, things aren’t great here in UK we’re back into another national lockdown with a new virus strain. Maybe 2022 will bring a better year!

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Hahaha yeah, it’s a tricky one! My new one that I am working on now I already have 6 or 7 custom airstrips, and they are all a little tricky, but totally doable in a XCub. Funny thing is, I didn’t put that tree at the end of the airstrip in Magic Mountain. It just happened to be at the end of the strip. So blame Asobo! :slight_smile:

Glad you are digging it @Joburgal! You are going to LOVE the new one I am wrapping up. Congrats on the monitor! I am getting my new GPU on Friday so I am hoping that lets me fly in some clean VR. Are you jumping on the VR train @Joburgal?

I blame myself, I had ample opportunity to go around! Maybe a plugin that locks you out of the sim for 30 minutes on every crash would make me more cautious :wink:

Definitely no VR for me, I tried it a few years ago on my PS4 and could only manage 20 mins without feeling like I was going to vomit! I have a track-ir which is the the happy middle ground for me :slight_smile:

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Ah sorry to hear that @Joburgal. Maybe with the advancements since than it would be a little better these days. This is my first entry into the VR world. I got an Oculus Quest 2 a couple weeks ago, and have played some of the games in there and I luckily haven’t had any nausea! Even the couple flights I did in MSFS in VR I didn’t get nausea, but it didn’t look great due to my GPU. But even with the bum graphics, it was an incredible feeling an experience, so I can’t wait to get it going with better graphics!

But yeah, the Ultra wide sure isn’t a bad way to fly the world!

Dude, tell me about it… I think it took me 5 tries, though it was really my stupid approach a couple of those times! Fun!

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Haha I felt so bad chatting with you in real time as you kept missing that landing. Sorry buddy! But glad you finally made it @BostonJeremy77 :slight_smile:

Ha! It was a good time, man! I really enjoyed it, even though it was frustrating… Currently doing a lot of flying in P3D (my new obsession for a while) and missing your bush trips there. LOL

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Ahhhhh when did that happen!?? I thought you were all MSFS all the time @BostonJeremy77!

So, about a week ago I bought P3D and X-Plane. Haven’t spent much time with X-Plane yet (the lack of built in flight planning ■■■■■■ me off), but P3D is stellar! I bought 4 A2A study level GA planes so far, a study level King Air 350i from MiliViz and about $500 worth of Orbx scenery (to make it look great). I am having a blast with it as the level of avionics packages (I bought Garmin GTN Complete yesterday which incorporates actual Garmin trainer into the simulator) and the depth of fidelity on the payware aircraft FAR surpasses what’s available in MSFS right now. MSFS will definitely get there, I am certainly still flying in MSFS, but right now I am really enjoying P3D. Lockheed Martin has a great platform too - it just takes a bunch of money to get it to the level I want, but it’s expected - it’s like a blank canvas. It doesn’t come with all the goodies Microsoft packages in its sim from the start.

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@BostonJeremy77 Ah, that’s awesome to hear! Yeah, I am not that intense, yet! I do love the realistic aspects of flight sims, and I do enjoy learning about the real mechanics of flight and how to operate the aircrafts, but I wish I had that much time right now to study it that in-depth. Hopefully sometime this year I can sit down and dig much deeper into learning! Enjoy my friend! See you back in the MSFS friendly skies soon!

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Has anyone else picked up on a really weird bug where there is a significant 50% drop in FPS / GPU utilisation once you go beyond Magic Mountain?

It’s not got anything to do with the Bush Trip, if I start a normal flight from Albion my FPS goes from 50-60FPS down to 30 and GPU from 100% down to 50% (CPU still at around 50-60% utilisation), same with Bird Island.

Apart from Asobo bugs… I’m still loving the trip! :slight_smile:

Edit: Read on another thread that birds sometimes do this?

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Hmmmm, that’s strange. I will have to re-test. That’s a interesting thought that birds might be the cause, but why would it happen all the way back at Magic Mountain, which is far from Bird Island? Unless it’s because the bird’s routes are larger than one might think? Definitely weird. I guess the test would be to get the frame & CPU rate during the Bush Trip, than uninstalling the bush trip after completed to test the same region and see if it gets better.

Thanks for loving the trip @Joburgal! Next one almost ready! Can’t wait to finally get it out.

Cheers buddy!


Yup it’s really weird, restarting the leg from magic mountain it’s fine… after about 5 mins of flying towards Albion the frames drop off. If I start a new flight from Albion it’s like I was in JFK :wink:

The thread I was looking at is here, someone mentioned birds spawn when you’re 30 miles out. It makes for fun reading if you’re into AI seagulls!

Forgot about the custom scenery with the trip will try deactivating and see if this does anything.

Can’t wait for the next one :slight_smile:

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@Joburgal Ah, yup. That makes sense. Albion is definitely within the 30 mile radius of Bird Island. Such a bummer! I have a lot of AI Seagulls in that region, but I didn’t notice a performance drop when I was creating and testing it.

You can deactivate that airstrip scenery, although I wonder how it will behave with the bush trip in general, since that landing is binding in the completion of the trip? I don’t think it would have an effect after you hit that landing trigger and complete the leg and than take off to Craters of the Moon. Although, also it will become moot once you get to Craters of the Moon, I think as that may be out of the 30 mile radius

“Craters of the moon” ok now I’m excited to push on with the trip! :slight_smile:

To be honest the 30-35 frames I’m getting with the gulls is still perfectly flyable. The only reason I noticed was the sudden silence from the gpu fans.

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Yeah @Joburgal, Craters of Moon is a super cool place. Hopefully my descriptions of it give it some background. While it still looks awesome in the Sim, it’s hard to get a real feel of what it’s like to be standing on that massive lava field and hiking up the super cool craters and cones! Take some time to fly around it.

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@MikeBonocore Crater of the moon is an alien landscape, such a weird and wonderful place. Will be great to check it out for real one of these days.

The FPS issues are definitely the birds, and the drop is persistent once you’ve started the flight when they’re within 30 miles. After reloading from Hollow Top I’m back to normal. Hopefully Asobo will sort this out, i think they’ve used a 747 model for each of the flying critters! Until then keep them, it wouldn’t be Bird Island without them!!

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