Here is what they should have said in 9/17 Development update

The OP’s post brings up something that I have brought up before. The developer could defuse a lot of the tension on this forum and elsewhere by simply communicating better about the game.

While it is lovely that they are putting out some posts about development, events, patches, etc, those posts are not detailed enough for the people here to evaluate the impact on their experience or future experience.


  • A development blog where highly detailed articles about the inner-workings of the game, both current and in development are posted. For example, I would love to understand how “live weather” works. I don’t, because it isn’t posted anywhere. Meteoblue has a model… But how does it get from there to my screen? How often does it get from there to my screen? etc.

  • Continue their live-streams/Q&A sessions etc. However, stuff needs to be put out in text too. Not everyone is going to participate in those.

  • Patch notes need to be detailed enough for players to know what was changed. I have no idea what “performance improvements” means for my player experience. I assume it means more performance, but is that at the expense of something I was enjoying before?

  • Above all, publish a development roadmap or timeline with specific, achievable goals. I keep hearing there is a 10 year plan, let’s see it. DX12 target for implementation 2Q 2022? Great. Throw it on a published plan.


You can’t do that. You never say sorry in professional PR. I don’t know why, but I heard this from several people who work in PR. I also mind you that I’m not in the US nor English speaking countries. So this seems to apply everywhere.

Completely agree! As an end user it’s a joke. I can only imagine how confused the 3rd party developers must be. I wouldn’t touch this with a ten foot pole right now. Asobo should have taken some lessons from indie developers. Be honest and make a community, don’t throw softball press releases with puns.

Same. Such insanity that they can’t do hotfixes like every other game

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Well said. I completely agree with you and I support your four suggestions strongly. I would be signifcantly less upset if there was better communication regarding the inner workings of the game, specific goals, and more detailed and specific patch notes.

Gosh you guys are just triggering me tonight. On that subject, I’m curious if the game checks package integrity on launch, and if it does, to what extent (hopefully not just checking a version number). I purchased through steam, and steam has its own integrity checker, but it doesn’t work for games packaged like MSFS2020. Maybe I’ll go over to the wishlist later and add a manual integrity checker (that validates checksums)… Thanks moxie!

I’m not familiar with PR, but maybe a legal issue? A formal apology or ‘sorry’ might be regarded as an admission of guilt, thus becoming a liability issue?

I mean, on a communication level it seems rather silly not to apologize for honest mistakes.

Well, a huge amount of posts on the forum are us just speculating about stuff we don’t know. Quashing that speculation with truth would be effective. :slight_smile:

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I doubt it. If you read the End User License Agreement for MSFS2020, you’ll find that you agreed that the game is supplied as-is. You get what you get.

I think it’s time the team considers creating a pool of testers from the community to thoroughly test updates prior to reelease.

I know people are upset but it makes no sense to rush updates that introduce new problems and further create hostile in the FS community. You’re better off releasing the update for testing and making sure there’s no major issues.


Good suggestion.

But didn’t they try that with alpha testers, beta testers, and then still released it with a murderous Airbus and psychopathic autopilots?

By the way, I had a spectacular landing in the Airbus just now, in really awful weather, with wind gusts and turbulence and spooky clouds that swallowed me whole.

If it works it’s kinda pretty and even a bit scary.

I don’t want to go completely to the dark side here.

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That is nice to hear. =). Hopefully all of us will eventually have more and more experiences like that soon

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Asobo is rightly keeping its distance from the always over zealous and occasionally toxic flight sim community. They’re smart to let Microsoft handle the communication.

They don’t need to deal with temper tantrums on the forums.


Airbus works great with 3rd party mod. The only plane I have had success with. Haven’t tried 787 yet which is modded also.

I know, not to rub it in.

I’m also annoyed with the way they handle this.

And I’m used to 3rd party airplanes that are so much fun to fly, with functioning autopilots and reasonable behavior. So despite the potential that peeks through, I also feel frustrated about these shïtty airliners, with still no option to jump into anything better.

I’m going down with 6000 feet per minute.

How could that have escaped anyone’s attention?

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Wait, does using an umlaut really circumvent the profanity filter?

I assumed if they can’t install on umlauts, they can’t filter on umlauts either.

Guess I was right :slight_smile:

I must agree with that. The forum is extremely small and vocal part of the community. Not necessarily representation of the community as a whole. Communicating here, although would be great, is objectively a waste of their resources. Hours spend on reading and replying. Cannot be just one person, because one person does not know everything, so people from different departments would have to do it. Plus, with attitudes of some people here, I know I wouldn’t want to do it. It is rare that devs of AAA titles are active on forums.

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I don’t think it has nothing related to the official work time in France but rather with the specifications given by Microsoft to Asobo and the money paid
So far Microsoft is really happy there 1.5 millions people or so who are not only debugging the sim free of charge but even more brilliant they had to pay for that
Well done Mr Microsoft…